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The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARDS is a competition to attract beautifully functional product designs, taking the best of the best to the actual consumer market.

Last year, we received a total of 1,659 entries from product designers in more than 41 countries, including Japan (1,232 from Japan; 427 from overseas). This level of interest shows just how much the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARDS has grown as an international product design competition.
Past awards winners have included hit products like the kadokeshi (eraser), the Campus Note Paracuruno (notebook), the Beetle Tip (highlighter pen), and the Wagomu (rubber band).
We are looking for any and all ideas to turn into actual products.
Be sure to submit your design for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARDS 2016.

From the organizers

KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD enhances design as a value and supports the production of items loved by the user.

Akihiro Kuroda
Representative Director of
the Board, Chairman
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

With the passing of each era, the environment of the things surrounding us has significantly changed. Until now, people have mainly sought a stable supply to the market of products of uniform quality, even for small-lot goods, so the manufacturer fulfilled its role on the supply side by what is known as mass production and stable product quality. In recent years, however, customer preferences and satisfaction have become diversified. Manufacturers are also now required to provide added value to the products as well as enhancing the types of products supplied.

Some customers ask for high quality, others pursue the design. So in this way, each customer goes in search of products with the strictly selective eye that they have cultivated. In keeping with the times, as manufacturers we believe that our role is to match the values required by the era by producing things that can pass through the strict filter created by our customers.

With a complete understanding of the diverse needs of this era, the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD is planned in order to create and supply products to this world; it is an award that is the voice of the consumer, so to speak. Without depending only on the price axis and function axis, this award builds on the appealing value axis of the design. From now on, KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD will continue to make plans with themes that match the era and implement them, in order to achieve the aim of producing things that are required by the times and the users.