KOKUYO's stationery business has always focused on providing value to the customer, and to maximize that value we have adopted an "axial" value chain business model which links together development, production, sales and distribution.Similarly, our basic strategy in Asia is to develop value chains capable of capturing growing domestic demand in each of our Asian markets. The company's aim is to achieve sustained growth by targeting both domestic and overseas markets, and to do this we will actively expand our business in rapidly growing emerging markets such as Vietnam, China, and India.

Business Categories

1. Stationery

KOKUYO began as a supplier of account ledgers, and we continue to this day to manufacture and sell a variety of office paper products, as well as stationery products and PC-related products designed to provide ease of use for everybody in office and school environments.

2. Office Solutions

KOKUYO has a unique insight into office operations as a result of its many years of experience in the stationery business. KOKUYO's information management and meeting management systems are designed to improve operational efficiency and increase security in the office environment. We also provide support for disaster preparedness to protect companies and their employees in an emergency, and we develop tailor-made stationery products to support sales promotion activities.

3. Educational products

KOKUYO develops and produces a range of picture story books, educational toys and goods to enhance creativity in children through play activities that involve making things, drawing things, and assembling things.

Affiliated Companies

  • IWAMI Paper Industory Co.,Ltd
  • KOKUYO MVP Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Product Shiga Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Supply Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Commerce(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Vietnam Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Marketing Co.,Ltd.
  • NIKKAN Co., Ltd.
  • NETSQUARE Co., Ltd.