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KOKUYO Vietnam

Location Land Plot B2-B7, Nomura-Haiphong IZ,
An Duong Dist.,Haiphong City,Vietnam
Principal products Notebooks, flat files, files for thick covers, tack labels, etc.
Commencement of operations November 2006
Site area 51,544 m2
KOKUYO Vietnam
Inputs Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2014
Energy Volume of energy inputs 31,246GJ 32,061GJ
Fuel 668GJ 623GJ
Electricity 30,578GJ 31,438GJ
Water resources City/well water 11,419m3 10,177m3
Outputs Fiscal 2013 Fiscal 2014
Atmospheric emissions CO2 1,218t 1,361t
SOx - -
NOx - -
Waste emissions Total waste volume 871t 1,017t
Reuse/recovery 871t 1,017t
Final disposal 16t 0t
Emissions into bodies of water Volume of effluent 9,135m3 8,141m3
Emissions into public water areas - -
Emissions into sewage systems 9,135m3 8,141m3
Restricted items emitted into bodies of water Hydrogen ion concentration pH6.87 pH7.14
COD 69.3mg/L 81.3mg/L
BOD 35.4mg/L 53.3mg/L
SS Not subject to measurement Not subject to measurement
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