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Painting competition, in India

A certified entry in the Guinness World Records

The “All India Camel Colour Contest” for children, organized by KOKUYO Camlin Ltd., has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest art competition in the world.
With 6,601 schools taking part in the competition, and a total of 4,850,271 entrants submitting artwork, this certification is due to recognition of the huge and rarely seen scale of the event.

A competition with a 38-year-long unbroken history

Within the framework of school education in India and with the aim of raising awareness of artistic activities and of art itself, the All India Camel Colour Contest has been held continuously for 38 years, and has become a very important event for Indian schools and schoolchildren.


Children working on their artwork at school


The certificate from Guinness World Records

KOKUYO Camlin's efforts to promote artistic activities

The competition is aimed at a very broad cross-section of children, ranging from pre-elementary school age to Year 10 (equivalent to junior high in Japan), with entry categories divided into 5 groups – one for each school year. The paintings that are chosen for each award are displayed in an exhibition that goes on tour around India's major cities.
In addition to this painting competition, KOKUYO Camlin actively promotes other artistic activities in India. The Camel Art Foundation, established in 1997, carries out various activities, such as the annual holding of an exhibition which showcases the work of young artists, the most gifted of whom are invited to go on a tour of Europe.


A booklet which reports the final results of the competition

Guinness World Record certification leads to further expansion and development

2012 is a special milestone year for KOKUYO Camlin Ltd., as it marks 50 years since it made its first foray into art supplies such as crayons and paints, which make up its core range of products. The company will continue to focus its efforts on the painting contest, which has a new level of excitement about it thanks to its Guinness World Record achievement, and on other activities that promote art.

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