Presentation Sheet

(A3, Portrait Orientation)
Limit to one A3 size page (portrait orientation).
Additional pages will not be accepted.
Fill in the required information below.

[ Completed Work Sample ]

[ Required information ]

1. Title of the design

Position at top left

2. Common designation

Position at top left
(e.g. scissors, stool, etc.)

3. Concept

Position at top right

4. Illustration of Usage

Position in center
(e.g. 3D computer image, model photograph, drawing, etc.)

5. Three-View Drawing with Dimensions Position at bottom

* Add any information you feel helps explain your design.
* Do not put any personally identifying information.
* Entries must be in Japanese or English.

Submit application data using the WEB Registration Form according to the rules as follows:


JPEG / Width: 3508pixels×Height: 4961pixels

Resolution: 300dpi 
Color Mode: RGB

PDF / One A3 Size Page, Portrait Orientation
(Width: 297mm×Height: 420mm)

Up to 5MB

* Your application will not be valid if you do not follow the application format rules.
* Entries submitted by post are not accepted.

Submission Categories

For your reference when you register to submit your design.

Paper Products, Files Notebooks, File folders, Memo pads, Sticky notes, Envelopes, Stationery for letters, Diaries and journals, Photo albums
Stationery, Office Supplies Glue, Tape, Tape cutters, Staplers, Hole punches, Paper clips, Scissors, Cutters, Rulers, Notece boards, Personal seals, Magnets, Name badges, Whiteboards, Photo frames, Business card holders
Writing Instruments and Corrections Pens, Pencils, Brushes, Erasers, Correction tape, Pencil sharpeners
Desktop Accessories and Organizers Trays, Pencil cases, Boxes, Desk mats, Book stands
PC and Office Appliance Related Products Computer mice, Mouse pads, USB-related items, Copy/printer paper, CD cases, PC accessories, Shredders
Furniture Chairs, Desks, Shelves, Partitions
Household Goods


For entries passing the initial judging round. We will contact those who have passed the initial judging phase with further details by between early and Mid November 2018.

1. Presentation Sheet

(A3, Portrait Orientation)

Entrants passing initial judging will be asked to refine their presentation sheet.

2. Model

Models may be of actual size (smaller items) or built to scale (furniture, etc.).

Entrants are responsible for making their own models.
The organizer will offer up to ¥30,000 (tax included) to help defray the cost of model building for all entrants.

Submitted models will not be returned.