July. 29, 2022

Registrations and submissions are now being accepted for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2023 contest.

Through the process of thinking deeply about the tools people use in their everyday work, study, and lives, the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2023 is seeking entries that give form to the possibilities of design and the power of products. This year’s theme is “embrace.”
Here are messages from the judges regarding this year’s theme. Please take a look.

The five point for judging the entries are whether they “The design includes a proposed solution to some social issue”, “The design has components that make people feel positive”, “The idea’s uniqueness”, “The product design’s feasibility” and have the “The design’s potential to become a product”.
The entries will be comprehensively evaluated in terms of the following: being in keeping with this year’s theme of “embrace”, proposing a product design with a high level of completion, and showing that feasibility of commercialization has been properly considered.

To commemorate the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD’s 20th anniversary, we are adding the “YOKOKU Award (Special 20th anniversary award),” to be awarded to student entrants only.
KOKUYO’s Purpose is, “Bringing you a tomorrow you can’t wait for.” Following that concept, we will select up to 20 outstanding entries that, based on their presentation sheets, make us feel that their futures will be exciting.(without judging the models)

There will be six people judging: Nao Tamura (designer) will be a new judge joining Masashi Kawamura, Tsuyoshi Tane, Teruhiro Yanagihara, Satoshi Yoshiizumi, and Hidekuni Kuroda (KOKUYO Co., Ltd. President and CEO), who will all be continuing from last year.
We are looking forward to seeing what kinds of designs we get this year.

The deadline for entries and design submissions is 12:00 noon (Japan Standard Time) on Tuesday, October 11. We are eagerly awaiting your designs.

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