Mar. 7, 2023

Introducing the Smart Double Clip, Winner of a Reward for Excellence at the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2018, Now Available for Purchase!

  • スマートなダブルクリップ
  • スマートなダブルクリップ
  • スマートなダブルクリップ

Binder clips can hold together stacks of paper with a snap, and they very much come in handy when it comes to preparing documents. However, they also get in the way when you turn the page. The “Smart Double Clip” is made in the same triangular shape that is formed at the corner of papers when you turn through them. This smart shape helps you turn pages neatly and smoothly. This new clip is made from the perspective of end users, not consumers.

Available for purchase beginning March 8, 2023
Sold only in Japan
Suggested retail price (excluding tax): ¥1,000

Take a look at our interview with its creator, Akihiro Toyofuku, and KOKUYO’s Aya Homma to learn more about what it took to make the Smart Double Clip into a product.