Environmental Management

KOKUYO recognizes that environmental problems, including global warming and the reduction of forest resources, are pressing issues. We concentrate the wisdom of all employees and align our actions in order to develop solutions for these problems.

The Group's Vision for the Environment

Building a sustainable society will require the creation of a recycling-oriented, low-carbon society that can coexist with nature. The KOKUYO Group Vision for the Environment consists of an environmental philosophy and an environmental policy with seven specific activities: the prevention of global warming; resource saving and recycling; procurement, development and supply of environmentally friendly products; biodiversity; legal compliance and preventing pollution; information disclosure and communication; and environmental management.

The Group's Vision for the Environment

June is “KOKUYO Environment Month”

In response to environmental issues such as global warming, biodiversity, and marine plastics, the KOKUYO Group wishes to encourage its employees to increase their environmental awareness and reassess the way they work and live by engaging in various initiatives that affect them personally. To this end, to coincide with World Environment Day on June 5, the Group chose to make June “KOKUYO Environment Month.”
Previously, the KOKUYO Group had taken part in the Lights Down Campaign on the day appointed by the Ministry of the Environment. In 2019, the Group expanded the campaign and carried out “lights down” for the entirety of KOKUYO Environment Month: it encouraged employees to leave the office by 7 p.m., and promoted energy-saving measures for employees working after 7 p.m.
In addition, as part of its efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, KOKUYO set a goal of “reducing CO2 emissions by 26 percent compared to 2013 levels by 2030.”

2030 CO2 Emissions Reduction Target

The KOKUYO Group strengthens activities to ease global warming (measures for the reduction and absorption of CO2 emissions).KOKUYO formulated its 2030 CO2 Emissions Reduction Target in 2018, covering its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan*1, KOKUYO K Heart Co., Ltd., and Heartland Co., Ltd. Electricity-based CO2 emissions are calculated using the basic emissions factors of the relevant electrical power companies.

Global Warming Preventive Measures (Easing Measures)
CO2 Emission Reduction CO2 Absorption Forest Conservation Activities
Aim to reduce CO2 emission in 2030 by 26% compared to 2013 (Consolidated subsidiaries in Japan*1 + KOKUYO K Heart Co., Ltd. + Heartland Co., Ltd.) Aim to achieve more than 6,000-tons CO2 absorption by tree thinning in approximately 150 hectares (Yui-no-mori Project)
CO2 emission reduction target 2013
CO2 emissions
Compared to previous year Compared to
Reduce CO2 emissions in 2030 by 26% compared to 2013 30,683t-CO2 22,705t-CO2 28,779t-CO2 26,419t-CO2 Reduced by 8.2% Reduced by 13.9%

*1 KOKUYO Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Product Shiga Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO MVP Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Logitem Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Supply Logistics Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd.; Kaunet Co., Ltd.; Actus Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Finance Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO & Partners Co., Ltd.; and LmD International Co. Ltd.

CO2 absorption by forest-conservation activities Results
Contributes over 6,000t - CO2 absorption by tree thinning in approximately 150 hectares per year. Thinned area: 123.5ha Amount of CO2 absorbed: 6,689t-CO2

Medium-term Environmental Action Plan

Medium-term Environmental Action Plan (Fiscal 2020)
Environmental policy Measures Fiscal 2017
Fiscal 2018
Fiscal 2019
Fiscal 2020
Prevention of global warming Cut CO2 emissions
(vs. FY 1990)
Reduced by 9.6%
(in Japan)
Reduced by 9.3%
(in Japan)
Reduced by 12.7%
(in Japan)
Reduced by 30%
(in Japan)
Cut energy consumption
(vs. FY 2010)
* Average 1% annual reduction in unit energy consumption
Reduced by 12.0%
(unit energy consumption)
Reduced by 12.7%
(unit energy consumption)
Reduced by 13.8%
(unit energy consumption)
Reduced by 10%
(unit energy consumption)
Resource saving and recycling Increase the rate of recycling in relation to the total volume of emissions
* incl. waste materials (prime contractor)
94.5% 94.6% 95.5% 100%

Scope of medium-term target:
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Product Shiga Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO MVP Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Logitem Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Supply Logistics Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd.; Kaunet Co., Ltd.; Actus Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO Finance Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO & Partners Co., Ltd.; and LmD International Co., Ltd.; KOKUYO K Heart Co., Ltd.; and Heartland Co., Ltd.

* Calculations for Actus and Heartland will use the actual results for 2018 as the reference year as they were not included in the scope during the original year of reference.

Environmental Management System

In 2004, the scope of registrations for the environmental management system was enlarged to cover all major consolidated subsidiaries in Japan. This resulted in a multi-site certification system that encompasses planning, R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, and warehousing and shipping operations. The environmental management system is structured to reflect the level of the environmental impact while preserving consistency across the KOKUYO Group. Companies and factories with a relatively large environmental impact are classified as individual units. Companies with a relatively small impact are classified as common units. In addition, the environmental management system reflects the unique aspects of the activities of each group company. This allows companies to perform environmental management that matches their operations, such as by establishing goals based on each company's business plan. While MELON, a database system for the management of environmental documents and records, was previously introduced, we enhanced the functionality of this system in July 2013 in an effort to expand the scope of target sites and improve the user-friendliness, efficiency, and accuracy of document management and browsing.
In December 2016, we received and successfully completed an inspection based on migration to the 2015 version.

Environmental Management System

Environmental Education

Desk disassembly

Training on LPG handling (KOKUYO Product Shiga)

To heighten employees' awareness about environmental conservation, and acquire knowledge necessary for the achievement of environmental targets as well as responses and management methods for accidents and during emergencies, the KOKUYO Group has environment-related law briefings conducted by the ISO Promotion Secretariat as well as training to develop and improve the skills of internal auditors. In addition, respective divisions also conduct their own environmental education.

Type of Education/Training Number of participants
2017 2018 2019
General environmental education 2,075 2,152 1,891
Education related to the achievement of environmental targets as well as laws and regulations 311 233 367
Training for the handling of accidents and emergencies 152 169 232
Internal auditors 30 21 56
Other 273 322 192
Total 2,841 2,897 2,738

Results of Internal Audits and Third-Party Inspection

The KOKUYO Group performs internal audits in two stages: primary audits are conducted by operating companies and secondary audits are conducted primarily by the ISO Promotion Secretariat. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations is the highest priority of these audits. For 2019, primary audits were conducted from July 2 to 31, while secondary audits from August 1 to September 6. Furthermore, ad-hoc audits focusing specifically on waste management pointed out as an area of improvement (minor nonconformity) during the third-party (ISO 14001) inspection of 2018 were conducted from March 16 to October 24. The ISO 14001 inspection was conducted from November 25 to 29. As a result of detailed checks regarding waste management conducted during the ad-hoc audits, there was a significant increase in the number of areas pointed out, but nothing was highlighted during the ISO 14001 inspection. In addition, continuing from last year, the biodiversity conservation initiatives ReEDEN Project and the Yui-no-Mori Project which received several external awards were again cited as strong points. Note that the ISO 14001 inspection in 2019 was regularly scheduled.

FY in which conducted 2017 2018 2019
Sites subject to monitoring 70 75 118
・Primary audits 55 60 61
・Secondary audits 15 15 16
・Ad-hoc audits 41
Matters cited 28 28 83
・Minor points of nonconformity 12 8 25
・Corrections 16 20 58
FY in which conducted 2017
Sites subject to examination 20 29 17
Strong points 0 1 1
Good points 5 8 5
Matters cited for improvement (minor points of nonconformity) 0 1 0
Opportunities for amelioration 16 21 21
Internal audit<br />(KOKUYO MVP Tottori Factory)

Internal audit
(KOKUYO MVP Tottori Factory)

Ad-hoc audit<br />(KOKUYO Supply Logistics Chubu Integrated Distribution Center)

Ad-hoc audit
(KOKUYO Supply Logistics Chubu Integrated Distribution Center)

ISO 14001 inspection <br />(Mie Plant)

ISO 14001 inspection
(Mie Plant)

Independent Verification Report

Third-party verification by Bureau Veritas Japan was undertaken for the KOKUYO Group’s environmental performance data to receive opinions about the data’s accuracy, transparency, coherence, appropriateness, and completeness from an independent perspective.

Summary of Third-Party Inspectio

Since 2018, environment load data and scope 3 emissions for 32 KOKUYO Group companies*1, to which Iwami Paper Industry Co., Ltd. had been added, have been subject to verification. On-site examinations relating to data measurement and management methods were also conducted at three sites in Japan (KOKUYO’s Shibayama Plant, Kaunet’s Head Office, and KOKUYO Supply Logistics’ Metropolitan Area Integrated Distribution Center) and one site overseas (KOKUYO-IK (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.). This process resulted in a number of matters being pointed out: a total of 9 assessable points, 6 opportunities for amelioration, 32 requests for modifications, and 30 requests for clarification. The requests for modification and clarification were dealt with during the verification period.
For the verification of Scope 3 emissions, the need for clarifying the data collection scope in each category was cited as requiring improvement because the collection scope had been noted as "consolidated" or "consolidated and affiliate" depending on the category.
Based on these matters that were pointed out to us, we will endeavor to enhance the disclosure of information encompassing the entire supply chain and improve the precision of such information.

FY in which conducted 2017 2018 2019
Assessable points 9 9 12
Opportunities for amelioration 10 6 11
Requests for modifications 26 32 38
Requests for clarification 21 30 17
コクヨグループCSR報告書2017 第三者検証報告
Environmental performance data<br>third-party verification<br>(Mie Plant)

Environmental performance data
third-party verification
(Mie Plant)

Environmental performance data<br>third-party verification<br>(Heartland Co., Ltd.)

Environmental performance data
third-party verification
(Heartland Co., Ltd.)

Environmental performance data<br>third-party verification<br>KOKUYO Logitem Metropolitan Area Integrated Distribution Center

Environmental performance data
third-party verification
KOKUYO Logitem Metropolitan Area Integrated Distribution Center

*1 Organizational units covered

Consolidated Subsidiaries Other Subsidiaries and Affiliates
Japan KOKUYO Co., Ltd. KOKUYO K Heart Co., Ltd., Heartland Co., Ltd., IWAMI Paper Industry Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Hokkaido Sales Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Tohoku Sales Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Kitakanto Sales Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Tokai Sales Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Hokuriku-Niigata Sales Co., Ltd. , KOKUYO Sanyo-Shikoku Sales Co., Ltd.
Kaunet Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Supply Logistics Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Logitem Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Product Shiga Co., Ltd., KOKUYO MVP Co., Ltd., LmD International Co., Ltd., Actus Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Finance Co., Ltd, KOKUYO & Partners Co., Ltd.
Overseas KOKUYO Vietnam Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., KOKUYO (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Furniture (China) Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Design Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., KOKUYO International Asia Co., Ltd., KOKUYO International (Malaysia) Sdn Hbd, KOKUYO Vietnam KOKUYO-IK(Thailand) Co., Ltd. KOKUYO-IK(Thailand) Co., Ltd.