Third-Party Assessments

CSR Report 2019 Survey Results

The KOKUYO Group conducts a survey on our website that asks people both inside and outside the company for their opinions so that we can utilize the results to improve our future activities and reports. The results of our survey on the CSR Report 2019 are summarized below. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the survey.

Attributes of those who participated in the survey

Number of valid responses: 211


Survey results

*Each respondent selected three topics

Most memorable or interesting topics

The survey showed that respondents had great interest in environmental topics. Consequently, in this year’s report, we have compiled a special feature on “Safeguarding Biodiversity,” an initiative that KOKUYO is particularly focused on.

Topics most in need of improved information disclosure

We received feedback requesting more concrete information when it comes to the Message from the President, topics related to the environment, and work style reforms. As a result, this year we have provided greater detail about our Yui no Mori Project and other social contribution activities—which the Message from the President touches upon—as well as our work style reform initiatives, and we have presented them in the form of special features.

Topics which it is hoped the KOKUYO Group’s unique business characteristics will help resolve

Respondents have high hopes that the KOKUYO Group can contribute to environmental improvements. We intend to incorporate these expectations in our future initiatives.