Risk Management

Basic Concepts

The KOKUYO Group took the opportunity of the integration in 2015 to establish an organization and started taking steps to promote risk management.
The aim of this activity is to establish a risk management circle from the Group's point of view. First, we started with recognizing what kind of risk exists in the entire KOKUYO Group, and considered policies for prioritization and measures from a perspective of what is best for the Group as a whole, and then promoted these measures.
We will clarify the particularly important themes or themes related to the entire organization, and aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management by advancing the activity across the entire Group.

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Initiatives Regarding Management of Intellectual Property Rights

As one of the strategies to differentiate ourselves from competitors, the KOKUYO Group promotes the following initiatives to encourage the acquisition of intellectual property rights, and at the same time, to respect intellectual property rights of others:

1) Management and Operational Structure of Intellectual Property Rights

The KOKUYO Group aims to standardize and centralize utilization and strategies for intellectual property rights by controlling operations related to the intellectual property rights of subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Japan and overseas centrally within the intellectual property rights group of the legal department.

The Group monitors the products of our competitors on a daily basis for the acquisition of rights in inventions, design, and trademarks; as well as executing thorough preliminary surveys to prevent a violation of the intellectual property rights of others; and protecting our intellectual property rights. In addition, in cases where there is a conflict with competitors, the Group responds to such a situation through cooperation with the management by taking a rapid and optimal approach for resolution.

2) Protection and Legal Compliance of Intellectual Property Rights

The KOKUYO Group Code of Conduct stipulates that we respect the intellectual property rights of others while the intellectual property group establishes and operates the system for research, analysis, and close investigation to prevent and avoid the violation of rights held by others. In addition, awareness-raising activities for respecting the intellectual property rights of others and improving awareness of legal compliance are conducted for development departments through training as the necessity arises and as part of daily work.

3) Promotion of Creation and Utilization of Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property group and development departments work closely from the early stage of development to increase the superiority of the products in the market and focus on creating and discovering inventions that contribute to differentiation from competitors' products. We also aim to adhere to Sec. 35 of the Patents Act and establish an incentive system for employee invention as an internal rule, in the aim of increasing customer satisfaction and encourage inventions that strengthen the Group's development.

Initiatives Regarding Information Security

The KOKUYO Group undertakes the establishment of an information security management system, adherence with relevant laws and regulations, and safety management of confidential information (customer information, personal information, etc.) in our possession obtained as part of our business.

1) Laws and ordinances regarding information security and other standards are adhered to.

2) Personal information is managed according to the Personal Information Protection Policy defined by the KOKUYO Group.

3) Appropriate safety measures are taken in order to prevent unauthorized access to information assets, as well as loss, falsification and leakage, etc. of information assets.

4) Regulations and rules regarding the management and use of information assets are formulated and revised, and education is continually conducted to employees about these regulations and rules.

5) Inspections and improvements are continually conducted on the management system and initiatives related to information security.

Formulation of Business Continuity Planning (BCP*)

Experiencing the Japanese seismic intensity of 7—the intensity during the Great East Japan Earthquake—through the latest earthquake simulator of the Tokyo Fire Department

Experiencing the Japanese seismic intensity of 7—the intensity during the Great East Japan Earthquake—through the latest earthquake simulator of the Tokyo Fire Department

The KOKUYO Group anticipates disruptions to occur in our factory and office functions due to events such as natural disasters. We formulate our BCP to achieve stable product supply, and continuously revise our plans. In addition, regarding earthquake, storm and flood damage, fire, and outbreaks of infectious diseases—which may bring major disruptions to business activities and are on a rising trend in recent years—we reaffirm the importance in business continuity of taking appropriate initial response to minimize damage. We are working on improvements to preparations that allow each employee to take early action to protect their lives centered on the key points and flow of initial response for each type of disaster (including emergencies).

2019 Initiatives

Conducting BCP Workshop 2019 by Stationery Business

In October, BCP training under the name “ST_BCP Workshop 2019” was conducted. On the day of the training, a total of 32 members from seven divisions related to the stationery business making up the committee participated in the training. In the first part of the training, sharing was conducted on the plan of the system for limiting impact to business when an incident has occurred. In the second part, each team identified issues and carried out discussion using walk-throughs in accordance with existing action procedure manuals. Many issues were noticed through the lively exchange of remarks and opinions.
Going forward, KOKUYO will continue to improve by working on measures for the issues identified this time, and at the same time, aim for even more practical BCP.

Conducting BCP Workshop 2019

Conducting Risk Assessment Training for Equipment Safety

Conducting Risk Assessment Training for Equipment Safety

In August and September, safety managers from KOKUYO Product Shiga, KOKUYO MVP, and Iwami Paper Industry gathered for risk assessment training to improve equipment safety. As many accident risks occur at manufacturing plants, risk assessment activities are essential to promote making production sites safe. In addition, knowledge about craftsmanship and knowledge related to risk assessment activities themselves are both required in these activities.
The training this time therefore aimed to enable risk assessment activities being carried out so far at each office to be conducted even more logically and efficiently to make them effective. Going forward, study groups and workshops will continue to be conducted, and at the same time, KOKUYO hopes to utilize these activities in activities to reduce the risk of occupational accidents.