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KOKUYO's CSR Charter

KOKUYO's CSR Charter

While remaining profitable and honest in its business practices, KOKUYO conducts business that is necessary for society. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we seek to maintain continuity of our business by acquiring the trust of all related stakeholders, investors, and, of course, our customers by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

  • For Our Customers

    1. Without being satisfied with the present conditions, we continue to improve the safety and quality of our entire product line and services.
    2. Strive to continually innovate society through our business operations by developing new products and services.
  • For Regional Communities

    1. Strive to be a trusted ‘corporate citizen’ on both regional and national levels via proactive interaction and planning with regional communities, while respecting regional culture and customs and encouraging their advancement.
  • For Environmental Conservation

    1. Concentrate the wisdom of each of our employees, and align the actions of our entire company in order to assist in reaching solutions for the common environmental problems facing the world today.
    2. By developing Eco Products, we strive to decrease the environmental burden over the life cycle of these Products and to introduce new environmental engineering and green procurement techniques.
    3. Contribute towards the advancement of a ‘low carbon society’ by proposing revolutionary work styles and environments, and decrease society's overall burden on the environment.
  • Corporate Activities

    1. Conduct transparent, just, and free competition and business transactions while keeping sound and correct relations with politicians and governmental bodies.
    2. In order to become a trusted company, we strive for business partner relations that are consistently fair and built upon a foundation of reciprocal cooperation, allowing for mutual growth.
    3. Recognize our responsibility to increase our corporate value for stockholders, and maintain a corporate management style that earns the trust of society through its transparency and virtue.
  • Respect for Human Rights

    1. Respect the human rights of all individuals involved with or affected by all of our corporate activities. We support work environments free from discrimination, and do not approve of child labor or forced labor practices.
    2. Strive to accept each and every employee's individual character and personal values, and become a company where many different human resources can fully express their abilities and develop themselves.
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