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KOKUYO's founder Zentaro Kuroda once said: "Business is something that we do for society, and the profit we gain from business is a reward for our contribution to society." Now too, more than 100 years on from KOKUYO's foundation, we are keeping alive the spirit of our founder in our CSR activities.


Basic Concepts

The KOKUYO Group began when founder Zentaro Kuroda opened a small shop selling ledger covers made with Japanese paper in 1905. The founder moved from his village to Osaka with the aspiration of making his business the pride of his hometown Etchu (present-day Toyoma Prefecture). Through the brand Kokuyo (国誉), which is the current company name KOKUYO (コクヨ), his aspiration has been passed down to the KOKUYO Group and captured in its business. In 2004, we enacted the KOKUYO Group CSR Charter based on our corporate philosophy to establish better relations with various stakeholders as a good corporate citizen (which was partially revised in 2012). Our basic policy for ensuring the ongoing growth of society and the KOKUYO Group has been clarified in line with five key themes: our customers, regional communities, environmental conservation, corporate activities, and respect for human rights.

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System for the Promotion of CSR

The KOKUYO Group promotes CSR activities on a group-wide basis through linkages among CSR-related sections. The CSR & Environmental Group formulates and reviews policies and helps to define issues and targets in order to strategically promote CSR. We also operate an environmental committee and a central health and safety committee, among other such organs tasked with dealing with important concerns. With special sections leading the way, our entire group pursues these concerns in a coordinated fashion. We will continue to strive to achieve sustained growth for society and the Group while maintaining a state of harmony with stakeholders through CSR information disclosure and dialogue.

KOKUYO's CSR Charter

While remaining profitable and honest in its business practices, KOKUYO conducts business that is necessary for society. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we seek to maintain continuity of our business by acquiring the trust of all related stakeholders, investors, and, of course, our customers by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

  • For Our Customers

    1. Without being satisfied with the present conditions, we continue to improve the safety and quality of our entire product line and services.
    2. Strive to continually innovate society through our business operations by developing new products and services.
  • For Regional Communities

    1. Strive to be a trusted ‘corporate citizen’ on both regional and national levels via proactive interaction and planning with regional communities, while respecting regional culture and customs and encouraging their advancement.
  • For Environmental Conservation

    1. Concentrate the wisdom of each of our employees, and align the actions of our entire company in order to assist in reaching solutions for the common environmental problems facing the world today.
    2. By developing Eco Products, we strive to decrease the environmental burden over the life cycle of these Products and to introduce new environmental engineering and green procurement techniques.
    3. Contribute towards the advancement of a ‘low carbon society’ by proposing revolutionary work styles and environments, and decrease society's overall burden on the environment.
  • Corporate Activities

    1. Conduct transparent, just, and free competition and business transactions while keeping sound and correct relations with politicians and governmental bodies.
    2. In order to become a trusted company, we strive for business partner relations that are consistently fair and built upon a foundation of reciprocal cooperation, allowing for mutual growth.
    3. Recognize our responsibility to increase our corporate value for stockholders, and maintain a corporate management style that earns the trust of society through its transparency and virtue.
  • Respect for Human Rights

    1. Respect the human rights of all individuals involved with or affected by all of our corporate activities. We support work environments free from discrimination, and do not approve of child labor or forced labor practices.
    2. Strive to accept each and every employee's individual character and personal values, and become a company where many different human resources can fully express their abilities and develop themselves.

Kokuyo Group Code of Conduct

Accompanying the development of KOKUYO's overseas activities, it is necessary to prepare a common code of conduct for the group by taking into account of local customs and mores. In August 2012, the KOKUYO Group enacted its KOKUYO Group Code of Conduct as a set of common provisions applicable to the KOKUYO Group and prepared the KOKUYO Group Code of Conduct Handbook with supplementary points based on business practices, laws, and other matters that differ depending on the country or region.

1. Compliance with laws and internal rules and acting with integrity

We not only comply with laws and internal rules, but also act with high ethical standards and integrity.

2. Respect for human rights and personality

We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, language, gender, disability or other status.
We do not engage in conduct that constitutes sexual harassment or power harassment.
We do not tolerate child labor or forced labor.

3. Preservation of the global environment

We work to eliminate or reduce the environmental burden whilst focusing on global environmental issues, such as global warming and declining forest resources.

4. Free competition and fair trading

We comply with laws and internal rules related to prohibition of monopolization, fair competition and fair trading and will not engage in conduct that deviates from these standards.

5. Provision of safe and reliable goods and services

We strive to win customers' satisfaction continuously through the provision of safe and reliable goods and services.

6. Proper handling of company assets and protection of intellectual property

We properly manage, maintain, and utilize every tangible and intangible company asset. We respect the intellectual property rights of others.

7. Proper information management and financial reporting

We honestly and properly create records of the company, as well as manage and report information collected and obtained in the course of business in accordance with proper procedures based on the materiality of such information. We carry out accounting and financial reporting in compliance with laws and internal rules relevant to financial, accounting, and tax affairs.

8. Prohibition of acts involving conflicts of interest

We will not engage in any act that involves or may involve a conflict between personal and corporate interests. If there is a possible conflict of interest, we will report it to our superiors.

9. Prohibition of insider trading

We will not engage in insider trading or any act that triggers insider trading laws or regulations in connection with the trading in shares of the Kokuyo Group or any other company

10. Proper management of entertainment and gifts

We will not give or receive entertainment and gifts in deviation from normal business practices. We will not illegally give entertainment or gifts to public servants or government officials.

11. Handling of unreasonable external demands

We will not comply with any unreasonable external demand.

With Stakeholders

KOKUYO's Stakeholders

Working towards realizing a sustainable society, the KOKUYO Group is actively promoting CSR management to meet the expectations of various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, partner companies and local communities.

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder Main opportunities for dialogue Examples of implementation in FY2018
  • Customer Support Center
  • "Inquiries" form and Q&A page on website
  • Provision of various product
  • Management of "Dealers' Guide" where stores handling KOKUYO products can be searched from the website
  • Various events and seminars
  • Consultation between labor and management
  • Various training programs
  • Company newsletter
  • Company events
  • Audit of subcontractors
  • Various meetings and events
  • Holding exhibitions
  • IR activities
  • Information disclosure
Regional Communities
Regional Communities
  • Social contribution activities
  • Disaster recovery activities
  • Regional contribution activities
  • Global warming preventive measures
  • Resource-saving and recycling
  • Concern for biodiversity