Product Quality

Providing Peace of Mind and Safety to Customers

KOKUYO always develops new products and services from the perspectives of customers, and without being satisfied with the present conditions, we continue to improve the safety and quality of our entire product line and services. Currently, KOKUYO is working toward attaining ISO9001 certification throughout the entire company.

  1. ▼ All Companies Achieved ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Certification
  2. ▼ Quality Assurance at KOKUYO Stationery
  3. ▼ Quality Assurance at KOKUYO Furniture
  4. ▼ Kaunet Quality Assurance
  5. ▼ Office Activities in Countermeasures for Disasters

All Companies Achieved ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Certification

All Companies Achieved ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Certification

KOKUYO's furniture business has defined and strictly implemented process procedures covering product planning, design and development, production, and installation, based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certified in 1997.

However, these days, there are increasing cases of harsh criticism from the market due to unfortunate incidents related to product quality.

In order for KOKUYO to continue to maintain high quality in the future, we started to aim at ISO 9001 certification not limited to the furniture business but for all companies as a whole, from the idea that, beginning with the marketing process, all processes need to be connected in series, covering product planning, design and development, and production. The company-wide kick-off toward attainment of certification was held in July, 2018, and in April, 2019, external audit by Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) was completed and all companies successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification.*

Concurrently, KOKUYO's stance on quality has been defined in the KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Quality Policy stated below.

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Quality Policy

KOKUYO will continue to meet the trust of our customers and pursue their satisfaction through providing products and services that enrich work, learning, and living.

  1. We shall strive to develop products that exceed our customers’ expectations in all aspects.
  2. We shall strive to provide safe products which can be used with peace of mind, and pursue even better quality.
  3. We shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and fulfill our social roles and responsibilities.
  4. We shall sincerely accept feedback from our customers, and undertake product development and improvement.
  5. We shall adapt to changes in the environment, and undertake continuous improvements to our management systems.

Hidekuni Kuroda, President,
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
January 1, 2019

Going forward, we will continue to use the QMS (Quality Management System)’s Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle that was defined to realize sustainable growth and quality improvement.

* However, only the KOKUYO brand articles for the stationery business and Kaunet brand articles for Kaunet Co., Ltd. are covered.

Quality Assurance at KOKUYO Stationery

In order to deliver quality that our customers can trust, we have taken steps to systematically build, operate and improve our systems for quality assurance.

Quality Assurance at KOKUYO Stationery

Quality Maintenance and Improvement

Introduction of robots in quality testing

Introduction of robots in quality testing

1) Deepening the Quality Assurance System

KOKUYO has re-examined design review and safety review, which are important processes for the quality, and production trial observation as well as guidelines for chemical management to work out the details of the contents to reflect the times. Those efforts have been utilized for the education of young and new employees and promoted for use as a bible for employees involved in quality control, aiming to deepen the quality assurance system.
In addition, by introducing product risk evaluation methods and implementing risk countermeasures, we strive to enable our customers to use our products with confidence.

2) Establishment of the inspection system on a global basis

KOKUYO has established an inspection skill evaluation method with global standards, which evaluates the skill level of inspectors around the world and sets up a system for education and guidance with the aim of maintaining a certain level of inspection skills. In addition, we provide necessary paraphernalia and manuals for inspection globally to maintain the level of inspection at a certain level, thereby increasing the accuracy of discovering faulty products during inspection to prevent the outflow of faulty products.

3) Increasing the speed and accuracy of handling complaints

In addition to safety, people around the world are seeking a sense of reassurance and now anybody can receive and transmit large amounts of information anytime. As we consider it to be essential to further increase the accuracy and speed of handling customer complains in the future, we have embarked on visualizing and standardizing the processes, information for making decisions, and evaluation criteria of the course of actions that corporations should take when product risk occurs. This will ensure the unification of decision-making process procedures within the organization and minimize the variation of determination, as well as to speed up the process.

4) Enhancement of value evaluation testing in addition to quality verification testing

While we thoroughly implement quality verification testing at the time of the renewal of existing products and development of new products, we make continuous efforts to maintain and improve testing quality by introducing robots.
Additionally, to respond to the various needs of users, we have been working to conventionally confirm quality to see whether products are sturdy and offered at a low price and to quantify the quality to ensure that valuable and attractive products are offered to customers.

Quality Assurance at KOKUYO Furniture

The KOKUYO Furniture business has acquired ISO 9001Quality Management System certification. Based on this, we are developing and thoroughly implementing process procedures covering product planning, design, production, and installation. Moreover, each department related to production, delivery and installation takes actions for improvement each day, and the opinions and requests from customers are used to improve overall quality.

Enabling Customers to Use KOKUYO Products with Confidence

1) Setting High In-House Standards

In the process of developing new products, we conduct multi-faceted evaluations to ensure ease of use and safety. In the production phase, we ensure compliance with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and other industry standards, as well as our even more demanding in-house standards.

2) Responding when Failures Occur

Should a product fail while being used by a customer, that information is shared among all related departments to provide a fast response. In this process, we identify the cause of the problem and incorporate corrective measures into the product and its manufacturing process in order to prevent recurrences of similar failures. If a serious accident occurs, the Compliance Committee determines the policy to be followed, reports the issue to the relevant government authorities, and notifies the public through newspapers and websites to limit the extent of any damage.

3) Notifications Regarding Product Safety and Quality


Web page for KOKUYO FURNITURE Co.,Ltd.
Notifications Regarding Product Safety and Quality

KOKUYO Furniture uses its corporate website as a medium for making notifications regarding product safety and quality. The most-appropriate one of the following four sections of the website is selected, depending on the nature of the notifications.

  1. Important notice regarding product safety
  2. Important notice regarding defective quality
  3. Announcement regarding the safety and proper use of a product
  4. Other announcement regarding product safety and quality

4) Full Set of Quality Improvement Initiatives for the Total Process through to Delivery

In selling furniture, our company's responsibility is also to deliver our products to customers' offices and make them ready for use. For this reason, we strive to continuously improve quality not only in our manufacturing processes, but also in shipment and delivery. We provide training on product assembly techniques and customer service manners to the partner companies subcontracted to deliver our products. We also hold a nationwide contest every year to judge the abilities in product assembly and customer service. Through these activities, we are raising the awareness level of delivery personnel, with the goal of achieving continuous quality improvement.

Handing letters of appreciation containing heartfelt comments to share customers' frank opinions

In-house voting to pick the winners of the Most Heartfelt Comment Award and the Award for Largest Number of Heartfelt Comments

In-house voting to pick the winners of the Most Heartfelt Comment Award and the Award for Largest Number of Heartfelt Comments

KOKUYO Logitem, the company responsible for distribution, has conducted a web-based customer survey twice a year since 2012 on the quality of delivery. The feedback received from customers through the survey is delivered to partner companies and delivery centers operating on the front lines of product delivery. Based on favorable comments received from customers, we select drivers who have met the various selection criteria for work leading to added value in delivery, and show our gratitude by handing letters of appreciation containing heartfelt comments directly to the drivers. We continue to share customers' frank opinions with field personnel to further motivate the drivers and improve delivery quality.

Kaunet Quality Assurance

Kaunet handles an array of products from stationery, office supplies such as copy papers to beverages, food, electric appliances, gifts, medical related products, store operation products, made-to-order products including business cards and stamps, and office furniture from 1,000 manufacturers. As a distributor, Kaunet has been making efforts to work together in the value chain and improve not only the quality of the line of goods but also the customer service at call centers and delivery to offer a sense of security and safety to customers.

For Product Deliveries (Main Services)

Our efforts on simple packaging

Our efforts on simple packaging

1) Same-day, next-day delivery services (Except for certain products and services)

Except in Okinawa Prefecture, remote islands and some hilly and mountainous areas, Kaunet delivers orders the next day if orders are placed before 6 p.m.

Same-day delivery areas may receive the order on the same day if an order is placed before 11 a.m.

2) Promotion of simple packaging

For deliveries of products in paperboard boxes, which is the most common packaging, Kaunet exercises its ingenuity in using cushioning materials for protecting products as little as possible. For imperious products in a lower volume, the orders are delivered using simple packaging, such as paper bags or polyethylene bags to conserve resources.

3) The services for selecting packaging of delivery (For online orders only)

While customers highly appreciate the delivery using simple packaging, Kaunet also responds to the request for delivery using boxes to accommodate occasions when sending orders to business partners or as a gift. When placing an order, customers can select the packaging form each time.

4) Furniture delivery with assembly services

Delivery staff specializing in furniture offer delivery, unpacking, assembling, and installation to packing material collection for the delivery of large furniture, heavy furniture, and those requiring complicated assembly.

Collection services

Kaunet promotes resource conservation and recycling outdated Kaunet catalogues and cardboards for shipping, as well as the collection services for used toner cartridges.

Office Activities in Countermeasures for Disasters

1) Developing a menu of countermeasures against earthquakes for office

Developing a menu of countermeasures against earthquakes for office

Since the Great Hanshin Earthquake, we have carried out verification of earthquake countermeasures for offices. However, we recognized that there were still issues of office safety and security as we supported the restoration of our customers' offices after the Great East Japan Earthquake. There was also a sudden increase in consultations about earthquake countermeasures after the earthquake, and we even received many inquiries and requests that we were unable to answer with the vibration verification experiments we had performed.

With these experiences and consultations in mind, we carried out a wide range of verification experiments so that we could suggest further earthquake countermeasures. Based on the large amount of data obtained from these experiments, we determined the relationship between seismic waves and earthquake preparedness rationally to devise objective evaluation criteria for earthquake resistant furniture. We thus propose a menu of earthquake countermeasures for offices, catering to the level and cost of countermeasures that our customers desire.

* Related information: Menu of Countermeasures Against Earthquakes for Office

2) Developing a menu for introducing and utilizing emergency supplies best-suited to offices

Developing a menu for introducing and utilizing emergency supplies best-suited to offices

KOKUYO is operating a disaster solution business to provide emergency supplies essential in the process of building an organization's BCP, as well as the expertise necessary for introducing and operating them. Using primarily the SONAeL, a guidebook on emergency supplies, and the PARTS-FIT, a disaster countermeasure series for both normal states and during emergencies, we are assisting our customers in simultaneously achieving a comfortable working environment and emergency preparedness.



Emergency supplies cabinet for elevators

Emergency supplies cabinet for elevators

3) Raising the level of awareness

Seminars on disaster countermeasures for corporationcorporations

Seminar on disaster countermeasures for corporations

KOKUYO is working aggressively to raise awareness of the need to be prepared for disasters. These include holding seminars around Japan on the theme of earthquake countermeasures for offices. Subjects covered in these seminars included the difficulties faced by management immediately after the Earthquake (using KOKUYO Tohoku Sales Co., Ltd., as an example), the continuous development of the selection-distribution-management renewal cycle as companies move from the "stockpiling" stage to the "continue to stockpile" stage 8 years after the earthquake as a measure to stockpile emergency supplies from the perspective of business continuity planning (BCP), and the creation of offices that can withstand strong earthquakes (KOKUYO Furniture).