Participation in Telecommuting Day with the Goal of Achieving
a Balanced Work Style

Participation in Telecommuting Day with the Goal of Achieving a Balanced Work Style

As part of the citizen's movement toward work style reform, the Japanese government designated July 24 each year through 2020 as Telecommuting Day. Participating in this movement, KOKUYO also conducted a trial of telecommuting on July 24 (in the Tokyo area) and August 8 (in areas other than Tokyo).

Employees wishing to try an autonomous work style were encouraged to apply for authorization and approximately 160 people participated. Each of these employees tried out telecommuting, flextime, etc., experiencing a new work style, such as effectively utilizing commuting time or working in a space different from the usual work environment.

A survey following the trial returned many positive responses, such as "I was able to increase my productivity," "I was able to spend my time more purposefully," "I want to utilize it again in the future." On the other hand, however, some employees experienced lower productivity because of the type of work involved or the home network environment, reconfirming issues that must be addressed when promoting telecommuting.

KOKUYO has so far established the physical environment for telecommuting by, for example, introducing a telecommuting system with the goal of supporting employees wishing to continue working while caring for a child or sick family member, and also introducing ICT technology on a trial basis. Through these steps, we have increased the level of knowledge necessary for promoting work style reform. Taking into consideration the results of the recent Telecommuting Day initiatives, we will continue to utilize a variety of methods in striving to develop new, more balanced work styles.

Joint Labor-Management Initiative to Reform Work Style

To achieve balanced work styles, we consider it to be important to reform both our systems and mindset. Therefore, our labor and management are working together to promote the following initiatives:

・Ensuring that all employees understand the systems and rules (holding attendance rule study meetings and individual consultations about the telecommuting system)

・Promotion of "Plus 3 Vacation Days" (taking an additional three paid vacation days a year)

・Creation of a transparent workplace culture (improving the workplace utilizing employee surveys)

Support of the "Bring Your Child to Work Day" Organized by College Students

KOKUYO cooperated with the "Bring Your Child to Work Day" organized by college students and sponsored by manma*. This project was developed based on manma's vision of having society as a whole participate in rearing children, as well as the wishes of parents in families with two working parents to have their children experience life outside of school during spring break. KOKUYO supported this project because we agree with manma's vision, and also because the project can become part of our initiatives to support employees who are working while raising children.

On the day of the event, the 15 elementary school children who participated, five of whom were KOKUYO employees' children, tried out a variety of programs in the KOKUYO office. This recent initiative provided the employees' children with an opportunity to better understand the company that their parents work for and what they do.

* manma is an organization founded by female college students with the goal of providing young people with opportunities to holistically design their careers also taking into account such issues as marriage and child rearing. The organization holds its "Taste Life as a Working Parent" program and exchange events between college and elementary school students on a regular basis.