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Work Style Reform

KOKUYO aims to, by 2020, establish new work styles in the company while taking on various challenges leading to work style reform, and "grow through smart work."

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Basic Concepts

Achieving a Good Work/Life Balance

Kurumin Mark

The KOKUYO Group is committed to providing ideal working conditions withconsideration for achieving a good work/life balance. These efforts have beenrecognized by the government and four of the group companies have received acertification logo (nickname: Kurumin Mark) as of December 31, 2017.
The KuruminMark is a certification logo issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, whichpromotes the improvement of the nation's declining birth rate, based on the Law forMeasures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, to recognizecorporations and organizations taking an active stance in supporting child-raising.

[Companies that received the Kurumin Mark] As of December 31, 20176
KOKUYO Co., Ltd., KAUNET Co., Ltd.,
KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.

Re-Employment System for Employees Who Left Their Jobs Due to Personal Circumstances

KOKUYO has a re-employment system for regular employees who left their jobs due to personal circumstances such as marriage, child-bearing, childcare, family care, job relocation of spouse, study abroad, volunteer work, career change and other reasons recognized by the company.

Handling Re-Employment of Mandatory Retirees

KOKUYO has in place a system which, in principle, allows employees who wish to work at the KOKUYO Group after retiring at the mandatory age of 60 to continue work as senior employees.

Through this initiative, we offer opportunities for employees to continue applying themselves in society after mandatory retirement. At the same time, we can expect them to use their experience and knowledge developed so far in their work to contribute toward developing younger employees.

Introduction of Teleworking System and Flextime System without a Core Period

KOKUYO has introduced a teleworking system on a daily or hourly basis for employees who have restrictions on time orplace due to child rearing or nursing care. The system allows employees to engage in both child rearing and work by using their spare time efficiently, such as the time before leaving to work in the morning or the time after finishing housework until going to bed. Therefore, the number of employees utilizing this system is increasing.
Furthermore, we aim to improve work-life balance and realize higher productivity byintroducing a flextime system without a core period and making working hours flexible.

Work Style Reform

Conducting "Exciting Smart Work" Trial

Conducting Exciting Smart Work Trial

As an initiative contributing to work style reform, "Exciting Smart Work" takes on the challenge of diverse work styles. A trial spanning three months was conducted from July 23 to October 26, 2018. Participants-which comprised 100 persons who applied as individuals, and 155 persons from nine selected departments-took on the challenge of various work styles, including telecommuting, telework, and a flextime system without a core period. As a result of the trial, KOKUYO was awarded the "Jisa Biz Promotion Award ," which recognizes companies promoting off-peak commuting, in the work-style category due to KOKUYO's "Exciting Smart Work" activities. The results from this trial are expected to contribute toward extraction of issues for the realization of smart work as an organization

Umeda Value Chain Working Together on Work Style Reexamination

Umeda Value Chain Working Together on Work Style Reexamination

Occupants of the Umeda Office-KOKUYO Marketing, KOKUYO Logitem, KOKUYO Engineering & Technology, and the Furniture Business Division-are working together on reexamining work styles. In the past, reexamination of work styles has been undertaken individually by the respective group companies. The office working together as one maximizes results, and at the same time, specific improvement measures are discussed by representatives from the respective companies at the Work Style Reexamination Meeting so that a department's reexamination does not end up imposing a burden on other group companies or departments. KOKUYO will continue to carry out further reexamination while gathering opinions from workplaces.

Joint Labor-Management Initiative to Reform Work Style

To achieve balanced work styles, we consider it to be important to reform both our systems and mindset. Therefore, our labor and management are working together to promote the following initiatives:

・Ensuring that all employees understand the systems and rules (holding attendance rule study meetings and individual consultations about the telecommuting system)

・Promotion of "Plus 3 Vacation Days" (taking an additional three paid vacation days a year)

・Creation of a transparent workplace culture (improving the workplace utilizing employee surveys)