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Procurement Policy

As it aims to become the “honor of Asia,” KOKUYO Group, with the comprehension that mutual understanding and mutual development with suppliers will be increasingly important, issued its basic procurement policy and its guidelines in March 2013.

Building Stronger Relationships of Trust with Our Suppliers

As corporate activities are becoming more globalized, KOKUYO Group is well aware that managing its own company and its subsidiary companies is insufficient to fulfill the scope of social responsibility. In 2013, the Group therefore invited 32 principal subcontractors to give an account of the procurement policy and implemented a self-examination questionnaire for feedback to the subcontractors. In 2014, we sent the basic procurement policy and guidelines to nearly 400 suppliers. We strive to further build relationships of trust through these activities.

KOKUYO Group's Procurement Policy

The KOKUYO Group shares its Corporate philosophy of “Enrich the world though our products” with its suppliers, and, while working to create relationships of mutual understanding and confidence as well as fulfilling its social responsibility, continues to contribute to social development.

Pursuit of Quality and Safety
The Group strives to maintain its position as the first choice of its customers, while responding to the special needs of various countries and regions as well as pursuing the highest standards of quality and safety.
Mutual Development
The Group respects and observes the regulations as well as social norms of various countries and regions, while also conducting fair and transparent transactions, as it works to structure sincere relationships of mutual trust and achieve mutual development.
Respect for Human Rights
The Group understands the culture and business customs of various countries and regions and aims for a society where the rights of all people are respected.
Environmental Protection and Symbiosis with Local Communities
The Group takes environmental protection initiatives on a global scale, and, by actively participating in the life of the community and acting as a good corporate citizen, seeks to create mutually beneficial relationships with society.

KOKUYO Group Procurement Guidelines

The Kokuyo Group fulfills its social responsibilities throughout its supply chains. To contribute to society through its business activities, the Group has prepared its Kokuyo Group Procurement Policy and the Kokuyo Group Procurement Guidelines.

Procurement Guidelines for the Kokuyo Group
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