Corporate Activities

With Stakeholders

KOKUYO is aware that increasing corporate value is our responsibility to shareholders and investors. KOKUYO strives to implement accurate and timely disclosure of corporate information in order to maintain transparent and sound corporate management.

  1. ▼ Basic Concepts
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Basic Concepts

Policy and Achievements Regarding Dividends

We are working towards sustainable business growth to maximize corporate value in the medium- to long-term and to increase dividends paid to shareholders. In FY2017, we offered an annual dividend of 29.0 yen per share (13.5 yen as an interim dividend and 15.5 yen as a year-end dividend). Retained earnings are actively employed to make investments for future growth.

Making Management More Transparent

1) IR Activities

We strive to fairly and accurately convey the KOKUYO Group businesses, corporate attitude and vision for the future, as well as achieve two-way communication. In 2017, we conducted the following IR activities:

■For institutional investors:

The financial results briefing was held twice last year. At the briefings, the President and CEO spoke about the Group's results and strategies. We also explained the Group's status through individual visits, small meetings, and foreign investor conferences.

■For individual investors:

In addition to explanations regarding the Group, the person in charge of product development introduced the product development process to help increase understanding of the Group and to foster a sense of familiarity.

We will continue to proactively engage in IR activities to increase our corporate value.

2) Information Disclosure:

We disclose information in accordance with the rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange for the timely disclosure of corporate information by issuers of listed securities (hereinafter referred to as the "rules of timely disclosure"). With regards to information that may not be subject to the rules of timely disclosure, we also endeavor, as a matter of basic policy, to promptly disclose as proactively and fairly as possible by way of appropriate methods so as to help investors to understand our company better.

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Shareholder Special Benefit Plans

KOKUYO Group products sent to shareholders at the end of December, 2017

KOKUYO Group products sent to shareholders at the end of December, 2017

To respond to the continuing support of KOKUYO shareholders and with the aim of significantly deepening the understanding of the KOKUYO Group by having shareholders actually use Group products, KOKUYO has established a shareholder special benefit plan. Under this plan, KOKUYO Group products are sent once per year to holders of 500 shares or more.

IR for individual investors Company information session: Story of 'Dotliner' tape glue development

IR for individual investors Company information session: Story of 'Dotliner' tape glue development

On May 12, 2017, an IR event was held for individual investors titled "Company information session: Story of 'Dotliner' tape glue development" to secure loyal stockholders.

In general, individual investors invest in shares to gain profits through stock dealing and to obtain dividends. As such, the holding period of shares is unstable. However, we believe that by making individual investors loyal fans of KOKUYO, they will become great customers for our products and services and will end up holding onto shares for a longer period of time. Therefore, in addition to the provision of information such as the company overview and future business strategies through the standard investor information sessions, we held an IR event to convey stories relating to products so that investors could understand KOKUYO better and become better acquainted with the company.

The first part of the company information session described KOKUYO's history, overviews of each business, financial status, strategies for the future, target for the period ending December 31, 2017. In the second part, the person responsible for the Stationery business introduced the development process, which took about 3 years, and the product line-up of the Glue Tape "Dot Liner", which was launched in 2015 and achieved cumulative sales of 100 million.

Of the individual investors who attended the event, some requested more detailed information relating to the business and finances, while many shared opinions and thoughts on KOKUYO's focus when creating Campus notebooks.