Signed Agreement to be an Official Supporter of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

KOKUYO signed an agreement to join the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Program as an Official Supporter in the "Office Furniture & Stationery" category. KOKUYO will contribute to the Games by providing office furniture and stationery to the offices and other locations of parties related to the Games, such as the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Besides supporting Tokyo 2020 by putting in place an environment that is easy for staff to work in, KOKUYO will apply creativity to fully support new changes driving Tokyo's future evolution and the prosperity of the world.

SENTIR-Responding to Diversifying Office Needs with Innovative Technology

SENTIR-Responding to Diversifying Office Needs with Innovative Technology

"SENTIR" is a work table incorporating unprecedented ideas. The work table's specification and surface finishing can be chosen much like choosing what to wear. At the same time, it gives an image of a place where one can work comfortably in one's own style like in a living room or cafe.

The tabletop and legs use KOKUYO's unique surface finishing techniques. Innovative technology is used to provide a lineup of design variations incorporating more than 2,000 trends.

Development of IoT Stationery "Shukudai Yaruki Pen " That Nurtures Habit of Writing Announced

Development of IoT Stationery Shukudai Yaruki Pen  That Nurtures Habit of Writing Announced

On June 7, 2018, development of "Shukudai Yaruki Pen "- an IoT stationery that visualizes daily children’s efforts for study in a fun way and generates motivation in children-was announced.

"Shukudai Yaruki Pen" analyzes and visualizes daily children’s efforts for study by fixing an attachment which recognizes movement onto a pencil and linking it to a smart phone. By bringing fun to repetitive learning, which has a tendency to become monotonous, it supports the building of a habit for taking initiative in doing homework by making the act of writing something familiar to children.

Commenced Production of Wilkhahn's Multipurpose Chair "Occo"

Commenced Production of Wilkhahn's Multipurpose Chair Occo

The "Occo" chair is highly popular for use at lounges and meeting areas. Production commences at the Mie Factory in July 2018 so as to shorten production lead time and deliver the chair to even more customers.

This is the third licensed production of a Wilkhahn product by the Mie Factory, following the commencement of production of the "ON" chair in 2014, and "IN" chair in 2016.

Till now, delivery of products with seat and back cushions imported from Germany required about three to four months. With the commencement of licensed production, the shortest possible delivery time is now approximately four weeks.

Organized Workshop for University Staff to Think about Work Style Reform

On December 13, 2018, Kindai University's Faculty of Engineering was invited for a work style reform workshop at the Hiroshima Live Office of the Chugoku branch of KOKUYO Marketing.

On the day of the workshop, various programs were conducted using the live office, including a demonstration of case studies related to efforts for attaining accreditation as a company practicing work style reform, and an experiential workshop on storage. Positioning document sorting and office improvement as the first step in creating an even more appealing campus, the workshop provided the staff with a start toward achieving a motivating workplace.

Going forward, KOKUYO will continue to cooperate with not just companies but also universities as partners in work style reform.

Supporting Service Quality Improvement at Nursing Care Frontlines through Digitalizing of Hand-Written Memos

KOKUYO launched the input-support tool "DENSHI-SHITAJIKI" (Electronic Writing Pad)-which can digitalize hand-written characters-for medical and healthcare providers, and has enabled it to collaborate with Blue Ocean Note (BON), the care system provided by Blue Ocean System Co., Ltd.

BON is a system which allows information required at the frontlines of nursing care-such as case records and daily operation logs-to be share among staff. It is expected to contribute toward service quality improvement in nursing care as collaboration with "DENSHI-SHITAJIKI" reduces the load of transferring hand-written characters, thereby allowing frontline staff to focus on their actual jobs.

Supporting Research in Simple Tests for the Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment through Analysis of Handwriting Data

The Clock Drawing Test is a screening of cognitive impairment. KOKUYO is working together with Wacom Co., Ltd. to use "DENSHI-SHITAJIKI" (Electronic Writing Pad) and the testing software to develop a mechanism that stores the drawing process of subjects as data and analyzes the data. Analysis of handwriting data will be used to support research in simple tests for the early detection of cognitive impairment being conducted at Niigata University of Health and Welfare.

Subjects will be able to undergo tests in a familiar way by writing on paper, while those administering the tests will be able to easily obtain even more necessary information.

KOKUYO will continue to support this research, and contribute toward the early detection of mild cognitive impairment.