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KOKUYO strives to be a trusted corporate citizen on both regional and national levels via proactive interaction and planning with regional communities, while respecting regional culture and customs and encouraging their advancement.

  1. ▼ KOKUYO Design Award 2018 with "Beyond Boundaries" Theme
  2. ▼ KOKUYO Team Run Flat-out at Isu-1 Grand Prix Held across Japan
  3. ▼ The Job Study Initiative
  4. ▼ Tying the Environment, Welfare, and the Community Together with Photocopier Paper:
    the Eco-Lab Heart Shiga Initiative

  5. ▼ Local Cleanup Activities and Blood Donation
  6. ▼ Campus Art Award 2018, a Painting Competition for Junior High and High School Students

KOKUYO Design Award 2018 with "Beyond Boundaries" Theme

KOKUYO Design Award 2018 with Beyond Boundaries Theme

KOKUYO Design Award 2018 with Beyond Boundaries Theme

The KOKUYO Design Award is a design competition that aims to attract product designs for commercialization from a broad range of general users, bringing forward products that are superior from a user's perspective. It was launched in 2002 with the aim of further strengthening customer-centric product creation.

2018 marked the 16th year of the award, and ideas were sought under the theme of "Beyond Boundaries." Takuma Yamazaki's "Sound of Drawing" was chosen for the Grand Prix in recognition for being a project that represents a new way of communicating with stationery by amplifying the faint noises created by the friction between pencil and paper.

KOKUYO also makes effort to make winning entries into commercial products. So far, 18 entries have gone from the contest to the market. People's attention is drawn to the numerous unique items that create new stories in everyday life.

KOKUYO Team Run Flat-out at Isu-1 Grand Prix Held across Japan

KOKUYO Team Run Flat-out at Isu-1 Grand Prix Held across Japan

KOKUYO Team Run Flat-out at Isu-1 Grand Prix Held across Japan

The Isu-1 Grand Prix is a two-hour endurance race where competitors consisting of three-person teams use office chairs. As a street revitalization event organized by Japan Office Chair Racing Association, Isu-1 Grand Prix is held across Japan.

Each year, KOKUYO teams are formed with KOKUYO product retailers and agencies in various regions, helping to revitalize shopping districts through race participation. In 2018, the team from KOKUYO Hokkaido Sales won the Hokkaido tournament. In addition, good results were also achieved at tournaments such as the Fukui tournament, Akita tournament, and Saitama tournament.

Going forward, as a company selling office chairs, KOKUYO will continue to actively take part in these races, make them more exciting, and contribute to local revitalization.

The Job Study Initiative

The Job Study is a cross-industry seminar held by a team of human resources personnel from leading companies in various industries. They meet to discuss what kind of seminar is truly useful for students and use the results to organize a seminar themselves. When it was first launched in 2005, the issue of early departure for newly hired college graduates, where 30% leave their employment within three years, was a major issue. To address this issue and to provide an opportunity for corporations and students to come together, we have brought about the realization of mutual communication where corporations and students can talk about the significance of working by planning a program on the concept of real opinions and hand-made. Since then, 14 years have passed and we have continued to face students with sincerity, and today, a total of 18 leading companies from various industries have joined the Job Study.

As of the end of 2018, the Job Study had amassed 14 years of positive results. At the 4th Career Education Awards, the Job Study received the Award for Encouragement for sharing philosophies regarding the broad range of challenges students face just prior to entering the workforce by a wide variety of companies and flexibly dealing with these challenges. However, the environment surrounding students and companies, including economic fluctuations and the graduate recruitment environment, is rapidly changing, and numerous issues still exist between job seekers and companies even in the current so-called seller's market. Against this backdrop, the Job Study is asking the representatives of the personnel departments of 18 participating companies to shun the status quo and come together and seriously consider what is required and what they would like to do as they look to the future.

The Voice of a Person in Charge

Hiroki Yamamoto KOKUYO HRBP Office

Hiroki Yamamoto
Recruitment Unit
HR Department
KOKUYO Corporate Administration Division

To Increase the Value Job Study Can Provide

I have the feeling that the number of new challenges facing students, corporations and universities have increased and changed because of the rapid changes of the graduate recruitment environment in recent years. These include the flood of internships, the bringing forward of recruitment, and the abolishment of recruitment guidelines for new graduates entering the workforce in FY2021. Because it is an era when needs and difficulties have diversified, we carry out programs thinking about who and what will benefit, as well as the schedule and contents.

While KOKUYO as a single company can only do so much on its own, the 18 companies that comprise this program are committed to joining forces to create new value and opportunities that others cannot provide.

Tying the Environment, Welfare, and the Community Together with Photocopier Paper: the Eco-Lab Heart Shiga Initiative

Delivery using a plastic box instead of a cardboard box

Delivery using a plastic box instead of a cardboard box

KOKUYO Marketing and KOKUYO Product Shiga are engaged in green purchasing activities and have been participating in the Shiga Green Activity Network, a local network program, since June 2006. The KOKUYO Group has been involved since the beginning with the Eco-Lab Heart Shiga initiative, which was developed by Shiga Green Activity Network's Research Society for Green Purchasing Evaluation Techniques and is presently operated by NPO Shiga Prefecture Social Employment Business Promotion Center.

This initiative constitutes a system for requesting the use of plastic boxes in place of cardboard boxes to deliver photocopier paper for daily use to approximately 150 cooperative workshops within Shiga Prefecture where disabled persons are employed. It was begun in 2007 with two aims: environmental (reducing unnecessary packaging) and welfare (promoting and employing disabled persons). By using photocopier paper manufactured at KOKUYO Product Shiga, a model consisting of elements based entirely in the local community is in place.

The Eco-Lab Heart Shiga initiative is highly regarded in terms of uniqueness, sustainability and development, and it won the grand prize of the "13th Green Purchasing Award" in 2011. With the increase in participating corporations and organizations, not only is there a reduction in rubbish, but also the income of the disabled people working in the workshops can be improved through delivery of photocopier paper, other eco products and products made in the workshops.

To companies and organizations with offices in Shiga Prefecture, would you like to participate in the original CSR activities of Shiga Prefecture, the advanced prefecture in terms of environment and welfare?

Local Cleanup Activities and Blood Donation

The KOKUYO Group collaborates with local communities through cleanup activities carried out at office buildings, plants, Distribution Centers, and overseas business offices. Cleanup activities are performed once a year around the head office building in Osaka with the cooperation of the local government.

Through a tie-up with the organizers of the Osaka Marathon, Operation Osaka Marathon Cleanup has been organized since 2011 as a cleanup activity for all areas of Osaka so as to present a clean city to visitors to Osaka. The company participated in this activity in collaboration with the local government.

At various sites around the country, our employees have participated in blood donation drives since 1980. In 2018, 52 employees donated blood on two occasions when the Japanese Red Cross Osaka Blood Center visited the company, despite this only taking place in the afternoon.

Providing Support for the Michinoku Future Fund

Gathering of the seventh graduating class of students held in March 2018

Gathering of the seventh graduating class of students held in March 2018

KOKUYO Tohoku Sales provides support for the MICHINOKU Future Fund Charitable Foundation as a corporate supporter. This fund provides tuition fees (maximum 3 million yen annually) which are not required to be repaid when high school students orphaned by the Great East Japan Earthquake pursue higher education such as university, college, and vocational schooling with the purpose of helping children who will build the future of Tohoku, which is the real basis of recovery, to grow up without abandoning their dreams and hopes. Agreeing to that purpose, KOKUYO Tohoku Sales has been supporting the fund since 2012.

This fund does not stop at simply providing scholarships. Periodic events, annual interviews, and interactions with corporate supporters are also sponsored with the heartwarming intention that children who have endured painful experiences will not be left alone. In March of every year, events to celebrate new students' entrance to schools of higher learning and enrolled students' graduation are held with supporters and others involved, in which the students have an opportunity to passionately discuss their future dreams and goals.

KOKUYO Tohoku Sales, along with the MICHINOKU Future Fund Charitable Foundation, will continue to support these young people's dreams of higher education.

Campus Art Award 2018, a Painting Competition for Junior High and High School Students

Campus Art Award 2018, a Painting Competition for Junior High and High School Students

Campus Notebook with the Grand Prix-winning work "Spring with the Red Train" on its cover was sold as a limited-edition item in KOKUYO's official online store

Since 2015, KOKUYO has held the Campus Art Award for junior high and high school students jointly with the Yomiuri Teens Newspaper (issued by the publishing company The Yomiuri Shimbun).

The contest theme was "My Sweet Home Town-a Great Favorite of Mine." The aim is to create opportunities for the youth of Japan's future to turn their attention to their local areas, to notice their attractiveness and to share that with others by taking up the theme of local landscape, customs, traditions, events, food, confectionery, etc.

The winners for the Grand Prix, the Yomiuri Teens Newspaper Award, the KOKUYO Award, the District Merit Awards, the AKB48 Team 8 Award, and other winning entries were selected from the entries.

The Grand Prix went to "Spring with the Red Train" by Rie Kuboyama.