Work Style Reform

Basic Concepts

KOKUYO is generating change in the work styles of employees centered on how time is used so as to secure the ability for sustainable growth.

KOKUYO seeks to contribute toward the growth of organizations and individuals by practicing work styles that allow employees to independently choose the time and place of work while utilizing systems such as telecommuting as well as by addressing factors obstructing the improvement of productivity to increase “disposable time.”


Achieving a Good Work-life Balance

Kurumin Mark

The KOKUYO Group is committed to providing ideal working conditions with consideration for achieving a good work-life balance.

These efforts have been recognized by the government and three of the group companies have received a certification logo (nickname: Kurumin Mark) as of December 31, 2019.

The Kurumin Mark is a certification logo issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which promotes the improvement of the nation's declining birth rate, based on the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation, to recognize corporations and organizations taking an active stance in supporting child-raising.

[Companies that received the Kurumin Mark] As of December 31, 2019
KOKUYO Co., Ltd., KAUNET Co., Ltd.,
KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd.

Introduction of Teleworking System and Flextime System without a Core Period

At KOKUYO, a flextime system without a core period has also been introduced to give balance and promote effective use of time. In addition, KOKUYO has introduced a teleworking system on a daily or hourly basis for employees who have restrictions on time or place due to child rearing or nursing care. The system allows employees to engage in both child rearing and work by using their spare time efficiently, such as the time before leaving for work in the morning or the time after finishing housework until going to bed. Therefore, the number of employees utilizing this system is increasing. Furthermore, we aim to improve work-life balance and realize higher productivity by introducing a flextime system without a core period and making working hours flexible.

Re-employment System for Employees Who Left Their Jobs Due to Personal Circumstances

KOKUYO has a re-employment system for regular employees who left their jobs due to personal circumstances such as marriage, child-bearing, childcare, family care, job relocation of spouse, study abroad, volunteer work, career change and other reasons recognized by the company.

By bringing in the experiences and knowledge developed outside the KOKUYO Group, it is hoped that these employees will further expand the diversity of the Group.

Handling Re-employment of Mandatory Retirees

KOKUYO has in place a system which, in principle, allows employees who wish to work at the KOKUYO Group after retiring at the mandatory age of 60 to continue work as senior employees.

Through this initiative, we offer opportunities for employees to continue applying themselves in society after mandatory retirement. At the same time, we can expect them to use their experience and knowledge developed so far in their work to contribute toward developing younger employees.

2019 Initiatives

  1. ▼ Conducting Exciting Smart Work 2019
  2. ▼ Variety and Challenge Systems (Proposal and Award Systems)

Conducting Exciting Smart Work 2019

Conducting Exciting Smart Work 2019

Meeting that also includes employees on teleworking system

KOKUYO continues to conduct the trial named “Exciting Smart Work” that involves giving flexibility to the time and place of work. In 2018, the trial demonstrated effectiveness such as reducing the stress of commuting through a teleworking system and an increase in private time.

In 2019, building on the issues noticed during the previous year’s initiative, the teleworking initiative was further expanded to more participants over a period of three months. In addition, new challenges in work styles were also undertaken, such as a “Day/Time Choice” system where employees can choose the number of days and the time of their work, and relaxing the dress code.

From the survey conducted after the initiative, most participants answered that they could make effective use of their working hours. In addition, the initiative provided employees with an opportunity to change the way they view work, and it was observed that this also led to a reduction in overtime work.

Variety and Challenge Systems (Proposal and Award Systems)

Variety and Challenge Systems (Proposal and Award Systems)

Award ceremony

“Doubling the speed of operations through variety” is a focus area under the second medium-term management plan. This is an activity that seeks to improve work and achieve efficiency by having each and every employee think on their own and undertake new challenges with a sense of speed. At the KOKUYO Group, as one of the initiatives to promote this activity, applications were sought from April this year for the “Variety Proposals” and “Variety Practice Award” that lead to variety.

By December 31, the number of proposals was 4,169 against a target of 4,000.

There were proposals from a variety of perspectives, including work style reform, encouragement of communication, and IT tools.

For each proposal, directors, managing officers, and others generated feedback reports while exchanging their opinions. Dissemination is carried out as necessary through a portal site. In addition, events to give awards to outstanding proposals and people who practice this concept were held at each office.

Going forward, KOKUYO will continue this activity while seriously considering the proposals of employees regardless of whether they can be achieved.