Basic Concepts

The KOKUYO Group creates new value with our business partners to pursue customer satisfaction. In addition, we formulated the KOKUYO Group Procurement Policy to build relationships of trust with business partners and grow mutually.

Furthermore, based on this KOKUYO Group Procurement Policy, we prepared the KOKUYO Group Procurement Guidelines as matters that we hope to achieve together with our suppliers.


KOKUYO Group Procurement Policy and Guidelines

As corporate activities are becoming more globalized, KOKUYO Group is well aware that managing its own company and subsidiary companies is insufficient for fulfilling the scope of social responsibility.

In 2013, KOKUYO therefore invited 32 principal subcontractors to give an account of the procurement policy and implemented a self-examination questionnaire for feedback to the subcontractors. In 2014, we sent the basic procurement policy and guidelines to nearly 400 suppliers. We will strive to further build relationships of trust through these activities.

KOKUYO Group's Procurement Policy

The KOKUYO Group shares its Corporate philosophy of "Enrich the world though our products" with its suppliers and, while working to create relationships of mutual understanding and confidence as well as fulfilling its social responsibility, continues to contribute to social development.

Pursuit of Quality and Safety
The Group strives to maintain its position as the first choice of its customers, while responding to the special needs of various countries and regions as well as pursuing the highest standards of quality and safety.
Mutual Development
The Group respects and observes the regulations as well as social norms of various countries and regions, while also conducting fair and transparent transactions, as it works to structure sincere relationships of mutual trust and achieve mutual development.
Respect for Human Rights
The Group understands the culture and business customs of various countries and regions in the aim of creating a society where the rights of all people are respected.
Environmental Protection and Symbiosis with Local Community
The Group takes environmental protection initiatives on a global scale and, by actively participating in the life of the community and acting as a good corporate citizen, seeks to create mutually beneficial relationships with society.

KOKUYO Group Procurement Guidelines

KOKUYO Group Procurement Guidelines

2019 Initiatives

ACW Initiatives

ACW Initiatives

Action to Change Workstyle (ACW) was launched in July 2017. After the second year, the ACW Awards was held to commend members with outstanding activities.

Currently, there are 3,400 ACW members, and the total number of workers who have utilized the working environment diagnostic tool exceeds 30,000. Proposing solutions to customers based on these diagnostic results is also spreading among members. Accumulated knowledge and expertise are used to refine the proposal tools and support for activities aimed at the sustainable growth of both KOKUYO and retailers as well as contribute toward workstyle reforms of our customers.

Subcontractor Meetings Held by KOKUYO's Furniture Business Division

Ceremony to formally recognize superior subcontractors

Ceremony to formally recognize superior subcontractors

Tour of Shibayama Plant

Tour of Shibayama Plant

KOKUYO's Furniture Business Division holds subcontractor meetings with the executives of major subcontractors twice a year.

In 2019, the meetings were held in May and December. At the May meeting, together with a tour of KOKUYO’s Shibayama Plant , participants reflected upon the high demand season and explained their forecast for future sales trends. At the December meeting, participants reflected upon the current financial period, and also explained their policies for the next high demand season and market trends.

In addition, KOKUYO expressed its gratitude by formally recognizing subcontractors that took excellent initiatives. Their initiatives were also presented, enabling us to learn from one another to support our coexistence and co-prosperity, and cooperate to improve the entire furniture business. In November, a study meeting was held targeting mid-level employees in the design and development departments of subcontractors, to share KOKUYO's approach to market trend analysis and design concepts in our monozukuri.

Stationery Business Conducted an Audit of Subcontractors

The Stationery business has been conducting an audit of subcontractors for the purpose of securing reliability of environmental indicators in product catalogs. In FY2019, rules for conducting factory audits were reviewed. Based on the new rules, in 2019, site audits were conducted at factories of 13 companies.

We visit our subcontractors to check for compliance with standards concerning environment-friendliness established by the Green Purchasing Law, etc. The audit follows the audit procedure established by KOKUYO to confirm whether the ratios of used paper and reprocessed resin conform to the standards, whether specified materials that meet the standards aroused in the production process, and whether there are any issues in the legitimacy of materials. In addition, we work with the subcontractors to consider challenges to properly guarantee compliance with environment-conscious standards in the audit. By exchanging information on examples of cases where reliability with regards to production control was improved, we will strive to ensure the reliability of environmental indicators in the future.

In order to enhance the values that we offer to our customers, we will aim to achieve mutual development based on long-term relationships of trust by sharing our strategies and policies with both our manufacturing and logistics service suppliers periodically.

The 10th KOKUYO Logitem Held Driver Competition

The 10th KOKUYO Logitem Held Driver Competition

On August 31, the 10th Driver Competition was held at KOKUYO Headquarters, bringing together partner companies in charge of delivery, assembly, and installation at KOKUYO Logitem locations all over Japan. The competition had 356 participants from 78 companies, who went through regional preliminaries followed by block preliminaries for East and West Japan. Three teams—the two teams which won their respective block preliminaries and another specially recommended team—took part in the finals. Based on the concept of “impressing deliveries” sought by KOKUYO Logitem, the competition venue was all heated up as strict assessment was conducted on aspects such as product knowledge and delivery, product assembly, and speed of work. Going forward, we will continue to aim for further improvement of our technologies, safety, and attitude toward service.

* The Driver Competition is a delivery contest by drivers and workers of partner companies aimed at further improving customer satisfaction during subcontracted deliveries of KOKUYO’s products.

KOKUYO Supply Logistics (KSL) held the National Partner Conference in FY2019

KOKUYO Supply Logistics (KSL) held the National Partner Conference in FY2019

KSL’s President Jun Takahashi explaining the medium-term management plan as well as the direction going forward

On March 5, KOKUYO Supply Logistics (KSL) held the first National Partner Conference.

This time, the participants were 81 employees from 41 partner companies. They are in charge of work within the premises of seven locations in Japan operated by KSL as well as transportation and delivery. Amid the drastically changing environment surrounding logistics, this conference was conducted based on the thinking of strengthening anew trust and unity with partner companies so as to coexist and prosper together.

On the day of the conference, we introduced KSL’s initiatives and our thoughts about partner companies after taking stock of the current situations, such as the emerging problem of long working hours in the logistics industry including truck drivers, and the normalization of changes in the natural environments as presented by the frequent earthquakes and typhoons that happened last year. A variety of opinions and feedback were received.

Going forward, to continue to properly link more suppliers with customers, KSL will cooperate to heighten our ground capabilities, and promote sophisticated logistics strategies that go beyond the perspective of logistics.