Sustainable Business Strategy

KOKUYO’s Sustainability: Sustainable Business Strategy

Background to Sustainable Business Strategy

In 2022, we established the Sustainable Business Strategy. For many years, our CSR Charter had served as basic set of principles guiding our efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR). However, we decided to reformulate the charter as a sustainable business strategy that would bridge our long-term vision (the overarching concept) with our policy on stakeholder engagement (a subconcept).

Sustainable Business Strategy

To build a self-directed, collaborative society, we will present a tomorrow you can’t wait for and lead the way in sustainable business practices.
To balance social value and economic value, we will address social and environmental challenges and offer inspiration in work, learning, and living

Organizational Framework for Sustainable Business Strategy

The Environment Committee, which has until now led efforts to address environmental issues and monitor social trends and issues, will be reorganized. Under the new framework, we publicly commit to accomplishing goals for our upgraded set of material issues, and senior management, acting through the Sustainability Committee, take the lead in integrating sustainability through a PDCA cycle. Chaired by the head of CSV, the Sustainability Committee will consist of four subcommittees: the Environment Subcommittee (the present Environment Committee will be reorganized into this), Wellbeing Subcommittee, Procurement Subcommittee, and Forest-Type Management Model Subcommittee.

Decision-making process in Sustainable Business Strategy