Long-term Vision CCC 2030

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The world is changing.

Our business landscape is changing.

Digitization is proceeding apace,
transforming how people work and learn.
People’s lives are changing.
People’s values are changing.

We are not keeping up with the changes.

It’s time to change direction.

We will update our philosophy, reaffirm our strengths,
and embark on a new strategy direction that will lead
our organization back to growth.

We will adapt a more sustainable mindset with a long-term focus,
and cultivate an entrepreneurial ecosystem
that will generates one new business after the other.

KOKUYO Long-term Vision CCC 2030

New Philosophy
Reaffirmed Strength

Toward the Forest Model

Growth Strategy:

New and better customer experiences

New approach to corporate management:

Effective use of shared assets across group

By 2030: Annual net sales of 500 billion yen
(compared to present 300.6 billion yen)

New Philosophy

Over the years, we have developed many kinds of
products that enrich our lives.

That feeling when you open up a fresh new notebook and see the blank page …
That feeling when you put pen to paper and ideas flow out …

Whether it’s stationery, furniture, or spatial design,
we’ve always helped people unleash their inner creativity.

When people create, they express their uniqueness.
We believe that bringing out people’s individuality contributes toward a better future.


We will continue to stimulate people’s inner creativity
to bring out everyone’s uniqueness.

Reaffirmed Strength

KOKUYO began in 1905, when our founder opened a shop selling ledge covers.
Since then, our organization has always expanded by producing innovative products
and services, and by keeping abreast of the changing times.

But there is one thing that has never changed over those 100+ years.

Empathy. Our empathy with customers’ needs has always driven us
to create new products and services

And when our customers empathize with us through our products and services,
we feel all the more inspired to take on new challenges.


Spiral-bound notebooks are cool, but spiral binding makes writing uncomfortable.

Soft plastic binding is comfortable on the writer’s hand.

Soft Ring Notebook


The glue is so sticky – I keep getting it on my hands.

Glue dots give you just enough glue and no mess.

Dot Liner Adhesive Tape Runners


I don’t get enough exercise because I sit behind a desk all day.

360-degree swivel chair lets you exercise while you work.



I wish someone understood my stresses and frustrations at work.

Products fully incorporate users feedback.

Kaunet Premium
(Kaunet’s private brand)


The workplace is generic, leaving workers unmotivated.

Our office solutions inspire creativity in the workplace. The office becomes an exciting place.

Spacial Design and Construction Services


I want a creative activity through which I can bond with my children and watch them grow.

KOKUYO Ehon offers a world of fun for children and parents alike.

a creative picture book series

Designed with Empathy

Our empathy resonance generates new experiences.
This is where our true strength lies.

Toward the Forest Model

Growth Strategy
New and better customer experiences

Link digital with analog

When digital and analog meet, new possibilities emerge.
We will use digital–analog synergy to create
new experiences in working and learning.

IoT-powered stationery that brings children and parents together: Shukudai Yaruki Pen

Customer data

We will collect and analyze customer data to obtain insights
about future trends in working and learning.

Sensing data that can transform ways of working: Piloting new workstyle

Small target marketing

Instead of mass marketing, we will adopt a more precise,
targeted approach and cultivate new markets.

Stylish stationery brand targeted at high-school girls in China: Line Field

New approach to
corporate management
“Effective sharing of assets across group”

Stronger operating base

  • Ascertain future scenarios and sectors that promise long-term growth
  • Refine strategy with PDCA cycle and ensure optimal resource allocation
  • Integral sustainability through ESG management
  • Manage growth-related risks

Greater entrepreneurial capacity

  • Cultivate team of entrepreneurs and attract entrepreneurs from outside
  • Allocate 180 billion yen for investment and improve capital efficiency
  • Drive forward digital transformation
  • Explore opportunities for using venture capital or corporate venture capital

By 2030: Annual net sales of 500 billion yen
(compared to the present 300.6 billion yen)

Through our growth strategy,
we aim for annual net sales of 500 billion yen by 2030.
This requires a growth fund of 180 billion yen.

*Around 50–100 billion of the fund will be earmarked as M&A fund / venture capital

Each domain will expand its existing businesses.
We will also launch new businesses.

By 2030: Annual net sales of 500 billion yen
(compared to the present 300.6 billion yen)