Medium-Term Management Plan

Long-Term Vision (CCC 2030)

CCC 2030 sets out a long-term vision for sustainable corporate development. It envisages a world of authentic and interdependent lives, in which everyone enjoys personal and social fulfilment in work and life. In line with this vision, we have redefined our role in building such a world: We want to be a work and lifestyle company. To change our organization into one that generates new solutions for a fulfilling life, rather than one that just focuses on tangible stationery and furniture, we will reorganize our businesses into two broad domains. The first is the domain of work. The second is the domain of learning and daily life.
By expanding the two fields, we aim to achieve net sales of ¥500 billion in 2030

Toward the Forest Model

To achieve CCC 2030, we are undergoing a strategic transformation toward the Forest Model. Down through the years, our organization has always apprehended changes in society and designed new experiences together with customers and partners, a strength that we have expressed in our slogan “designed with empathy.” As part of this, we have increasingly shifted from manufacturing tangible products to providing intangible experiences and solutions. For example, we have shifted emphasis from manufacturing furniture to designing office spaces that facilitate workstyle solutions. Likewise, we have shifted from emphasis from manufacturing stationery to delivering tools and services that underpin new ways of studying and living. By expanding the intangible value we offer in this way, we want to create new experiences for customers in the field of work and in the field of learning and daily life, with a view to solving both customers’ problems and the broader societal challenges and thus contributing toward a world of authentic and interdependent lives. To become a “forest” of businesses that deliver sustainable corporate growth and meet the needs of customers, we will tweak our existing businesses and follow a program of expanding the fields, meaning to expand the boundaries of our business fields and convert new needs into businesses.

Introducing the Third Medium-Term Plan (2022–2024): Field Expansion 2024

Field Expansion 2024 forms the next three-year phase of our long-term vision, CCC 2030. The wording of the title expresses our intention to broaden our horizons and expand our business fields. During the three years, we will start to tweak our existing businesses and expand the business fields in anticipation of emerging needs.

Goal of the Third Medium-Term Plan

By expanding each field, we will achieve in 2024 ¥360 billion in net sales with an operating margin of 7.6% This will put us on course for sustainable growth by 2030


For details, please refer to "Kokuyo Third Medium-Term Plan -Field Expansion 2024-".