Disclosure Policy

General Principles

We disclose information in compliance with Japanese law (in particular, the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act) as well as with the timely disclosure rules included in the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Securities Listing Regulations (“Timely Disclosure Rules”). Under the Timely Disclosure Rules, we are required to promptly disclose material information, meaning information that may significantly affect an investment decision (this can include financial/accounting information and emerging developments). Even when there is no such requirement, we may still disclose the information if we think it would prove valuable to investors.

Disclosure Methods

For disclosures provided for in the Timely Disclosure Rules, we disclose the information on this website. The information will also be uploaded to the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), a database operated by Tokyo Stock Exchange Group. For voluntary disclosures, we may disclose the information on this website and via other media.

Disclosure Process

The head of Administration (as Chief Information Officer) and head of Finance & Accounting (as IR Officer) collect information from business units and group companies, store the information in the Finance & Accounting Division, and determine whether the information is disclosable. The Finance & Accounting Division has an investor relations unit that provides investors with information under the supervision of the division's head. Please be aware that dialog with investors is recorded and the analysis of the transcripts is shared with the management for the purpose of improving investor relations.

Forward-looking Statements

The contents of this website contain forward-looking statements, such as earnings forecasts, strategies, and goals. These statements are predicated upon assumptions we considered reasonable in light of information available at the time. They are not guarantees of future performance. Actual performance may diverge significantly from what these statements suggested due to a myriad of uncertain variables.

Quiet Period

We impose a quiet period in the run-up to an earnings announcement. During this period, we restrict business-related communication with the public in order to prevent selective disclosures of material information that would unfairly benefit some investors over others. However, if, during the quiet period, our performance diverges significantly from what the upcoming announcement would suggest, then we are required under the Timely Disclosure Rules to disclose this information.