Corporate Data

Company name KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.
Head office location 6-1-1 Oimazato-minami, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
537-8686 JAPAN
TEL +81-6-6976-1221
Established October 1905
(Listed in Japanese alphabetical order)
Representative Director of the Board, President Hidekuni Kuroda
Director of the Board, Managing Officer Toshio Naito
Outside Director of the Board* Mika Masuyama
Outside Director of the Board* Takehiro Kamigama
Outside Director of the Board* Shinichiro Omori
Outside Director of the Board* Riku Sugie
Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Member Katsuaki Tojo
Audit & Supervisory Board Member** Yoko Toyoshi
Audit & Supervisory Board Member** Fukutaka Hashimoto
Managing Officer Masaharu Inoue
Managing Officer Naotaka Umeda
Managing Officer Kosuke Ono
Managing Officer Takashi Onoda
Managing Officer Yasunari Koshikawa
Managing Officer Masahiro Fukui
Managing Officer Noritomo Miyazawa
Managing Officer Koji Morita
Managing Officer Akira Yata
Managing Officer Takashi Yoshida
Number of employees 6,825 (Consolidated) 2,207 (Parent company)
As of the end of December 2021
Stock listings Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime)
Capital JPY15.8 billion
Sales volume JPY320.1 billion (Consolidated from January 1 to December 31, 2021)
Business operations Stationery manufacturing, purchasing and sales;
office furniture manufacturing, purchasing, and sales;
space design and consultation etc.


*Indicates an outside director as provided in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.
**Indicates an outside director as provided in Article 2-16 of the Companies Act.