KOKUYO's Chronicle ~ Over a Century of Creativity

2. The prosperous years (1918-1936)

Having established its position as a paper manufacturer by making Japanese-style account ledgers, Western-style account ledgers, and various forms, KOKUYO went on to build a network covering everything from manufacturing to distribution and sales, and came to occupy a dominant position in Western Japan. Following the Great Kantō Earthquake in 1923, KOKUYO successfully expanded to the Kantō region and developed as a national manufacturer by genuinely engaging in the disaster areas and paying attention to their plight. What was significant in product development at that time was first of all the domestic production of paper for account ledgers. Paper imported from England – which was of good quality but difficult to procure in stable supply – was generally used at that time, but in collaboration with Oji Paper Co. Ltd., a high quality domestic paper for account ledgers was developed, which was just as good as the imported kind, and the much sought after KOKUYO paper for account ledgers was created in 1930.

Another topic of interest is KOKUYO's writing paper. As a product, it had been manufactured since 1914, but after that, the quality of paper improved just as account ledger paper improved, and people were asked how they use it – in other words, the founders carried out what today would be called a "user survey". The result of this survey was colored writing paper, released in 1932. It was a reproduction of a high quality product made by a Japanese artist on colored paper and became an extremely popular product as an innovative attempt to insert a page after the cover.

The covers section is set up in Higashinari-ku, Ikaino, Nagaike, and manufacturing of paper for Japanese-style account ledgers, directories, and passbooks (bank passbooks) begins.
The Ikaino plant is set up; marking and printing of Western-style account ledgers begins, as well as manufacturing of homemade Western-style account ledgers.

KOKUYO's Historical Accounts

The Nakamichi Plant is set up in Higashinari-ku, Nakamichi; the structure of the assembly line is established.
Coloured writing paper is released.

KOKUYO's Historical Accounts

Manufacturing of homemade carbon duplication account ledgers begins.
The headquarters are moved to the present location.
  • The first logoThe headquarter office(1936)
  • Western-style bookColoured writing paper