KOKUYO's Chronicle ~ Over a Century of Creativity

3. The years of hardship and reorganization (1937-1953)

A new three-story central office with an annexed plant was built in 1936 in Imazato (Ōimazato, Higashi-ku, Ōsaka City). But the following year, Japan became involved in military conflict, and so began a period of great hardship. Supply shortages became more acute during the war, and as a result of supplies of base paper being regulated, KOKUYO set up companies in Indonesia and Chang Chun in China. These companies struggled to continue production under difficult circumstances. In 1945, Japan signed the Potsdam Declaration and after the war ended, these two overseas companies and their facilities were abandoned. After the devastation Japan suffered in the war, KOKUYO was able to immediately start rebuilding its crippled sales network and other parts of its business as its Ōsaka headquarters and plant had miraculously escaped any damage. Also, at that time, due to a tax reform implemented under U.S. guidance (the so-called Shoup Mission), there was a phenomenal increase in the demand for account ledgers, as well as rising demand for related paper products. As a company that had excellent results in this field even before the war, KOKUYO was flooded with orders. Around 1952, KOKUYO's output was finally on a par with its best pre-war level, and the company was well on its way towards reconstruction.

The Java KOKUYO branch is set up.
Shonosuke Kuroda creates a printing and paper manufacturing company at Chang Chun,China.
The Imazato Plant is appointed army supervised plant, and communication tags, army account ledgers, and other government printed materials are made here.
The Tokyo branch opens.

KOKUYO's Historical Accounts

The offset press is purchased and offset printing begins.
The first shop specialized exclusively in KOKUYO products is born.

KOKUYO's Historical Accounts

The fork-lift is brought to Japan for the first time.

KOKUYO's Historical Accounts

  • Western-style bookThe first shop specialized exclusively in KOKUYO products