KOKUYO's Chronicle ~ Over a Century of Creativity

List of KOKUYO's Historical Episode

KOKUYO’s idea of “creativity” is to pour our utmost efforts into innovation and ingenuity while placing great value on new discoveries and viewpoints in order to do all that can possibly be done for the good of our customers. In this section, we will share some examples of our creative endeavors made over the course of our history.

  • Cover
  • Japanese-style account ledger
  • Western-style account ledgers
  • Stationery pad with high quality paperboard
  • bielomatik
  • From paper to metal
  • Company's building-wide office showrooms
  • Campus Note Notebook
  • Survey Field Notebook
  • Museum display cases
  • Goods distribution
  • Distribution and sales network
  • Furniture production
  • Universal design
  • Company name and trademark
  • KOKUYO's own steel product plant
  • Eco tube file
  • Dot liner
  • Our Eco-X Mark initiative
  • Testament kits
  • Harinacs
  • Towards Asia