KOKUYO's Historical Episode

Furniture Production

KuruKuruMeka (released in 1981)

PHOTO : KuruKuruMeka (released in 1981) that dominated the market partly due to the effect of an advertisement featuring a celebrity.

From office furniture to home furniture

Home Desk
Entering production of study furniture with the
"Home Desk" (released in 1966)

KOKUYO's furniture production began in 1960. The first product was a steel filing cabinet. After KOKUYO released a steel desk in 1965, it developed a variety of office furniture products including chairs and lockers, and furniture production grew rapidly as a new pillar of KOKUYO's business. Furthermore, shortly after KOKUYO began full scale production of office furniture, it began edging into the home furniture market. The first product was the KOKUYO Home Desk (a student desk) released in 1967. Rapid economic growth prompted the popularization of higher education in Japan, and interest in the educational environment at home heightened at the time. KOKUYO met the needs for study desks while at the same time adopting numerous ideas that would make them fun to use, producing a series of hit products. For example, KOKUYO was the first to incorporate functions such as pencil sharpeners and clocks into study desks; these ideas were emulated by its competitors and became industry standard features.

Office furniture-inspired KuruKuruMeka


Above all, the Long-Run Desk "KuruKuruMeka" released in 1981 became a huge hit by completely eliminating one of the inconveniences of a conventional study desk - adjusting the height of the desktop, which was rather troublesome. Until then, adjusting the height of a study desk involved removing everything on the desktop and the bookshelf, loosening the screws on the sides, lifting the heavy bookshelf that is integrated with the desktop and fixing it in place temporarily, and finally tightening the screws while adjusting the height. As it is quite normal for a child to grow 10 cm in a year, frequently adjusting the height had been a great burden on users. Around that time, the Office Furniture Division was developing an office table that allowed adjustment of its height using a handle. They realized that applying that same mechanism to the study desk would solve this problem completely and set out on its development. As a result of adopting a number of ideas such as making the legs wider and strengthening them so that the handle mechanism can be mounted onto the wooden legs, the Long-Run Desk, a study desk that allowed even a child to easily adjust its height, was born. Its subtitle, "KuruKuruMeka", which has a nice tone that intuitively expresses the product's main feature, was also received favourably, and, coupled with the effect of TV ads, the desk became such a big hit that it was frequently out of stock.

  • Early steel desk
    Early steel desk (released in 1965)
  • Early swivel office chair
    Early swivel office chair (released in 1966)

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