KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai) and Mode Gakuen / HAL jointly hold Chinese Design Notebook Cover Design Competition

- Winning works to be used as candidate cover designs for notebook sold in China -

SHANGHAI, China, January 27, 2014 - KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a KOKUYO Group company selling stationary products in China, held the Chinese Design Notebook Cover Design Competition from November 1 to 30, 2013, as an academic-industrial cooperation project with Mode Gakuen, an educational institution operating various professional schools in fashion, IT and medical care, inviting applicants from students of Mode Gakuen and HAL.

From among 559 works by 552 applicants, we selected excellent 10 works after our strict screening. KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai) will propose them as candidate notebook cover designs for this fiscal year to Chinese distributors, and those achieving above a certain level of acclaim will be released as our products.

The Chinese Design Notebook Cover Design Competition is a trial to provide the schools’ students an opportunity of creativity education which is the institution’s educational policy, as well as practical experience in product planning through the academic-industrial cooperation between KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai), selling design notebooks in China, and Mode Gakuen. Without setting any special theme, we invited fresh and unique cover designs for notebook used by junior-high and high school students in China. With one set of four designs counted as one work, there was no limitation for the number of works that one applicant could send.

As a result, we received 559 works from 552 students studying graphic design at Tokyo Mode Gakuen, Osaka Mode Gakuen, Nagoya Mode Gakuen, as well as HAL Tokyo, HAL Osaka and HAL Nagoya. After the screening, we selected 10 excellent works by 10 persons. We will conduct an awarding ceremony inviting three winners who designed especially excellent works on January 29 (Wed) this year at the Shinagawa Office of KOKUYO.

The winning 10 works of the competition will be used as candidate design for notebooks sold in China this year. KOKUYO Commerce (Shanghai) will decide products to be released after receiving reputation from distributors for candidate cover designs including the winning works. New products will be marketed from around June in this year.

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