The KOKUYO Group won the 2014 Good Design Award for three products:
Personal day planner, marker and office chair

OSAKA, Japan, October 3, 2014 - KOKUYO Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce that the following three products manufactured and sold by the KOKUYO Group have been awarded the 2014 Good Design Award, sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

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Life domain

KOKUYO S&T Co., Ltd.
- Personal planner JIBUN_TECHO (2015)
- Whiteboard marker Yokumi-L (Direct liquid type cartridge)

Industry domain

- Office chair Scirocco




About the awarded products

1.Personal planner JIBUN_TECHO (2015)

JIBUN_TECHO is the first-of-its-kind personal planner that a creator of a major ad agency, Hideaki Sakuma, designed the pages. It is a new style of personal planner consisting of three separate books, including "Life"; a long-term life-log of you and your family, "Diary"; a record of day-to-day plans and activities on a 24-hour timeline, and "Idea" for writing down ideas.

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2.Whiteboard marker Yokumi-L (Direct liquid-type cartridge)

Designed to solve the customers' two major areas of dissatisfaction, which is the inability to see the remaining quantity of ink (64.2%) and the marker runs out of ink and the ink gets thin (70.5%) (n = 600, surveyed by KOKUYO), the Yokumi-L succeeds in allowing users to see the remaining quantity of ink at a glance by preventing the adherence of ink on a cartridge, as well as to constantly supply dark ink to the land with the introduction of newly-developed direct-liquid structure.

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3.Office chair Scirocco

With its simple design, the Scirocco mesh chair offers a new design that makes the best use of the excellent and functionality of mesh materials.

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Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system, which is sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
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