KOKUYO Furniture opens Jakarta Live Office
as a sales base for the Indonesian market

KOKUYO Furniture Co., Ltd., a KOKUYO Group Company, is pleased to announce the opening of Jakarta Live Office in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, on September 19, with the aim of acquiring the domestic demand of office furniture within the Indonesian market.

Following the success of the Jakarta Showroom opened August last year, the Jakarta Live Office established this time will serve as a sales base to promote sales activities targeting local and foreign based companies includes Japanese overseas subsidiaries in Indonesia, with the aim of acquiring domestic demand for office furniture within Indonesia.
The Jakarta Live Office is operated by PT. Setsuyo Astec (CEO: Hiroshi Hirai); an Indonesian subsidiary of Setsuyo Astec Corporation, which is KOKUYO's distributor in Indonesia, showing the office space where the company's staff actually work with a variety of KOKUYO's office furniture.
With the concept of Growing with Green, the Jakarta Live Office aims to grow together with customers in remarkable economic growth market like the green grows strongly in the subtropical climate typical of Indonesia. The Live Office is made on "People + Design," which is the brand concept of overseas at KOKUYO Furniture.
The Live Office is decorated with live green plants all around and set up with the latest office chair series manufactured in Japan, INSPINE, and a module-type high-back sofa, brackets, as well as a workstation manufacture in Malaysia, VSQUARE.
Moving forward, KOKUYO will continue striving to take advantage of the extensive network spread across China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian nations by making use of the products planned and produced in Asia, with the goal of facilitating the market penetration in each country.

Photo: Image of the Jakarta Live Office

* The live office was opened on September 19, 2014

Outline of the Jakarta Live Office

・Name: PT. SETSUYO ASTEC Live Office
・Address: The Plaza Office Tower, 28th Floor, Jl.M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30 Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
・Business hours (Opening): 10:00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday through Friday
・Floor space: Approx. 120 sq. meter
・Products exhibited: Office furniture and accessories for overseas customers mainly in Asian markets
・URL: www.kokuyo-furniture.com
・Facebook: www.facebook.com/KOKUYOJakartaShowroom

Photo: Display stand in the office

People + Design
The spirit of creativity and unparalleled ingenuity underlies all KOKUYO's products. We express this ethos with the key words "People + Design." We engage in product planning and designing that is in tune with the modern times, creating not only superior product design, but in consideration of how people move and work in the office and how the furniture is used from the perspective of ergonomics. Going beyond just meeting the conflicting need for beautiful design and practical utility, we aim to create products with value that are both sophisticated and easy to use. That is the concept of KOKUYO.

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