KOKUYO's "ingLIFE" Multi Objective Chair, "EX-" stationery series, and "PAPIER BOARD" whiteboard sheet win 2022 Red Dot Design Awards

Three products from KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka/CEO: Hidekuni Kuroda) have won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award, a globally renowned German design award: the "ingLIFE" Multi Objective Chair, the "EX-" stationery series, and the "PAPIER BOARD" whiteboard sheet.

Established in 1955, the globally renowned Red Dot Design Award includes evaluation in nine design criteria, from design innovation to functionality, in a single design award.



Photo: ingLIFE




Photo: EX

[About the award-winning works]


Using the concept of a Multi Objective Chair, this product fits a variety of scenarios within the home, from work and study, to meals, to gaming. By including a gliding function with 360-degree seat-surface oscillation to match your body's subtle movements, it allows for long-term comfort while sitting. Since its movement adapts to body weight, the chair is suitable for children as well as adults, and comfortably supports all body types and postures.

Consideration has also gone into how the design fits into living spaces. By setting up one chair for adult work and one chair for children's study, it's possible to create an environment that allows easy focus in a shared space.


KOKUYO's "THINK OF THINGS" product series proposes stationery and lifestyle tools along with new ways of working and new lifestyles. Meaning "from," the "EX-" series of stationery drops the graphics and materials from KOKUYO's regular products and inspires users to create new modes of use by bringing out the essence of tools that are normally neglected, through the beauty of shapes, carefully designed details, fresh coloring, and more. This is also an initiative to consider the form new tools should take, based around the concept of high-quality, easily purchasable industrial production that utilizes conventional production methods as-is.


"PAPIER BOARD" is a paper whiteboard that is neither white nor a board, made from 100% wood pulp. The design uses lavish, high-quality fine paper from TAKEO, selected for its rich color and texture, allowing for enjoyable interior coordination as well. Since it's paper, it can be put up like a poster, clipped, cut, and freely used in a variety of work, study, and play settings. Developed aiming to provide the most comfortable drawing experience to date, KOKUYO's "THINK OF THINGS" series of products are developed in cooperation with the specialized paper trading companies TAKEO and Fukuyama.