16 KOKUYO products receive the Good Design Award

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City/President: Hidekuni Kuroda) is pleased to announce that 16 of its products have won the Good Design Award 2022 sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, making this the largest number of awards ever earned by KOKUYO.



First row, left to right: CARTON 2.0 ARCHIVE BOX, Carry Campus, WORKPOD FLEX movable booth, "fore" panel booth system
Second row, left to right: "Leafy" panel, "Join" lifting stool, "MULTIS" compact table, "GRABIS" panel with white-board function
Third row, left to right: "ingLIFE" working chair, "Energy Series", "Rooney", "SYNERGYCA Co-Creation Lounge" co-creation space
Fourth row, left to right: "BIZRACK" bag-in-bag, "PERPANEP (flat binding)" notebook, "BIZRACK" notebook PC stand with slide board, "Clip Holder for Neatly Separating Documents"

Good Design Award winning products

CARTON 2.0 ARCHIVE BOX is an updated high-spec cardboard box that can even hold water. Using Izak's functional cardboard developed to carry marine products and refrigerated goods, we have created an archive box that is easy to handle in everyday life. Despite being made from cardboard, it can protect its contents from humidity and keep them cold. Aside from conventional use, it can be used in many other ways in various situations.
Product page: https://think-of-things.com/carton2/

■ Carry Campus
Carry Campus is a study application that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. It enables you to access notebooks and other materials you may need, anywhere and at any time. This means you can study even when opening a notebook is not convenient, and it also means you can carry fewer things. The application features editing functions such as memorization markers and memorization sheets, which are essential items when studying for tests.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/app/carrycampus/

■ WORKPOD FLEX movable booth
WORKPOD FLEX is a movable booth that allows you to secure a workspace in the office according to your working style and mood. It also enables you to create a closed space where you can make phone calls and to concentrate on your tasks or web meetings without worrying about sound leaking to your surroundings. WORKPOD FLEX features excellent ventilation performance, simple design and color variations that you can enjoy selecting for compatibility with various office designs.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/workpod/sp/workpodflex/

■ "fore" panel booth system
Due to the rapid increase in online meetings resulting from the establishment of new work styles in recent years, as well as changes in office interior trends toward hard materials such as mortar and wood, sound-related issues such as reverberation are becoming a problem in office environments. Absorbing sound and producing a comfortable space, "fore" is a panel booth system designed for sound environments that promote conversation between workers.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/fore/

■ "Leafy" panel
Due to the rapid increase in online meetings resulting from the establishment of new work styles in recent years, as well as changes in office interior trends toward hard materials such as mortar and wood, sound-related issues such as reverberation are becoming a problem in office environments. "Leafy" is a series of panels with excellent sound absorption performance to counter sound-related issues reverberation in office environments, providing a pleasant design that contributes to the creation of a space where you can enjoy lively conversations.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/leafy/

■ "Join" lifting stool
"Join" is a half-seating stool with rocking, rotating, and lifting functions. With an increased focus on settings that can enhance a team's creativity, this product is intended for situations where multiple people gather to brainstorm and come up with ideas. It is designed to sway in response to various movements, which is expected to stimulate lively discussions.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/join/

■ "MULTIS" compact table
"MULTIS" is a compact table based on the "phase-free" concept of items used in daily life being available in times of emergency thanks to increased variability and operability. A panel that users can attach and detach makes it possible to quickly change settings by separating or combining tables according to your situation, either when working solo or when working on a project with colleagues. The magnet on the legs makes it easy to connect tables, reducing the time and effort required for preparation.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/multis/

■ "GRABIS" panel with white-board function
"GRABIS" is a multi-purpose panel based on the "phase-free" concept of items used in daily life being available in times of emergency. It has a cloth-finish side that can be used as a partition and a white-board side on which you can put magnets, encouraging creative use according to purpose in various situations. This portable, lightweight panel with a leg is designed in such a way that it is easy to stack.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/grabis/

■ "ingLIFE" working chair
With working from home becoming common practice during the ongoing pandemic, many people are bringing work home and eating at home more often than before, while children are studying and playing at home more than before. Thus, people have come to spend more time sitting at home in various situations. However, some people spend all these hours sitting on dining chairs or sofas, causing an increase in physical burden on workers and children. ingLIFE is a working chair based on the concept of a multi-objective chair that seamlessly supports your body and your posture in various situations, including when working, studying, and dining.
Product page: https://workstyle.kokuyo.co.jp/shop/pages/sp-inglife.aspx

■ "Energy Series"
"Energy Series" power supply items are designed for digital work. The display mobile and carry cart of these items are equipped with a portable power supply, so you can hold meetings using a display or work using notebook computers for a long time even in locations where there are limited power outlets available. Another feature is a pole-type extension cord that allows you to keep a power source close at hand even when furniture has no wiring function.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/energyseries/

■ "Rooney"
With "Rooney," you can create a portable workspace to work smartly and comfortably. This is a portable workspace designed with careful consideration for working environments. It is designed for you to keep a comfortable work posture, and its pocket keeps a power cable concealed. This tool supports workers practicing activity-based working (ABW) and has been developed based on our company's unique perspective in pursuit of new ways of working.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/rooney/

■ "SYNERGYCA Co-Creation Lounge" co-creation space
This is a co-creation space with the theme of "Chemistry for innovation," where our customers from industry, government and academia produce new ideas and find new concepts that will lead to future value creation while seeing, touching and experiencing the technologies of the Sumitomo Chemical Group. "SYNERGYCA Co-Creation Lounge" has three areas: a "gathering" area that promotes communication with our customers, an "experience" area that presents the history, products, technologies, and R&D efforts of the Sumitomo Chemical Group in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand manner using digital contents and virtual reality, and an "interaction" area where we can share social issues and mutual interests with our customers and explore ways to solve them together.
Product page: https://www.synergyca.jp/

■ "BIZRACK" bag-in-bag
BIZRACK is a bag-in-bag type organizer that, despite its stylish look, can hold a wide variety of items ranging from stationery to digital tools. With more and more people working both at home and at the office, bag-in-bag organizers have become popular thanks to their spacious capacity and fashionable nature. This product aims for a high-quality appearance with its excellent finish, while securing holding capacity with an expendable gusset and a pocket arrangement that prevents it from getting bulky.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/bizrack/

■ "PERPANEP (flat binding)" notebook
This notebook came about from awareness of the fact that compatibility between paper and writing instruments is an important factor in writing with comfort. You can choose your favorite type of writing sensation from three types of paper, each with a different feel. Thanks to its simple and timeless design, plenty of ruled lines, and special binding that opens flat, "PERPANEP" is carefully created so that you can give your full attention to the act of writing in various situations.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/perpanep/

■ "BIZRACK" notebook PC stand with slide board
"BIZRACK" is a notebook PC stand suitable for various work environments and changing work styles. Adopting a design that blends in both with office environments and residential spaces to accommodate the trend for working from home, this notebook PC stand is equipped with comfort in terms of digital elements for when using a notebook PC as well as analog elements for when writing in a notebook, and provides an excellent platform for changes in our work styles including the spread of teleworking and video conferencing.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/bizrack/

■ "Clip Holder for Neatly Separating Documents"
Most conventional clipboards are designed on the assumption that they will be used for writing in documents while in a standing position. However, in busy workplaces such as those which provide medical/nursing services where people work standing, we found that there was demand for clipboards that are not only easy to use when writing in a standing position but are also suitable for managing documents and small items. By going back to the basic design and applying feedback from worksites in the design work, we have created a product that can support workers throughout the day.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/clipboard/


Japan's Good Design Award program is a uniquely comprehensive platform for design evaluation and advocacy. Exemplary design in many spheres, with the potential to drive industrial growth and enrich lives, is found and shared through the program, which has a distinguished history and has grown to an unmatched scale. Over more than 60 years, the G Mark logo has become a familiar sign of good design.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD website: https://www.g-mark.org/