"Smart Double Clip"--commercialized award-winner of KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2018 Merit Award--received the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD for 2023

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka / President: Hidekuni Kuroda) is pleased to announce that "Smart Double Clip"--commercialized award-winner of KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2018 Merit Award--won a GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD at the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023, sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. KOKUYO's office furniture series with charming light and simple designs "Any way" won a GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 award, and 13 KOKUYO products won GOOD DESIGN AWARDS.

gda03.jpg Left: "Smart Double Clip"; right: "Any way" office furniture series

gda02.jpg The first row starting from the left: "HAKO-AKE" two-way portable scissors, "C-Table" office lounge table, "Clipboard" slim and quiet clip, "pallo" chair, and "PERPANEP" German case binding notebook. The second row starting from the left: "Liite" casual chair, "HASA" luxury scissors, "n.5" multipurpose space for employees, and THE CAMPUS HALL "CORE" open communication hall. The third row starting from the left: "TSUKUE +" school desk attachment, FUJIFILM Creative Village, "fore moving panel" sound absorbing partition, and "OSFA" convertible sofa.

<GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD winning product>

■"Smart Double Clip"

With their ability to easily hold a large amount of paper, double clips are extraordinarily useful for organizing documents. However, they tend to get in the way of turning pages when you are reading the documents. The "Smart Double Clip" has the same triangular shape as the corner of a turning page, and will not get in the way and will guide you as you turn the pages. The product is designed for the person clipping the document and the person who is meant to read it.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo.com/en/award/archive/goods/smartdoubleclip.html

<GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 winning product>

■"Any way" office furniture series

"Any way" is a furniture series designed to ensure the office remains a space for interaction, with flexible layouts that can be changed to suit the purpose of use and design quality that attracts people. This series is designed to be beautiful, down to the smallest details, yet it is full of functionality as office furniture and can blend inside various spaces.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/special/anyway/

<GOOD DESIGN AWARD winning products>

■"HAKO-AKE" two-way portable scissors

This is a dedicated unpacking tool with two-way functions of a cutter and scissors. Its intuitive and seamless sliding structure lets you switch modes with one hand, so you can complete tasks such as cutting tape for unpacking cardboard, cutting tags for clothes, and opening envelopes with just one tool. Its compact size allows it to be placed in a space-saving location, such as a doorway, where space is limited.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/hakoake/

■"C-Table" office lounge table

"C-Table" is a café lounge table that is excellent in both functionality and appearance, which are required for a working place, and that is designed to realize sustainability. We have succeeded in creating a shape that features smart design and fits any space.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/brandcollection/kokuyo/

■"Clipboard" slim and quiet clip

This is a resin clipboard with a quiet opening and closing clip. Conventional clips using coil springs can strongly bind documents, but have drawbacks such as larger size, forceful operation, and noise during closing. This product, however, achieves a slim design, light-touch operation, and silence by utilizing a flat spring mechanism.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/clipboard/quietclip/

■"pallo" chair

The "pallo" chair is equipped with features that comfortably support situations ranging from collaboration between team members to solo work. Equipped with a backrest with auto-adjustable rocking  and seat with forward tilt functionsto comfortably support working postures. It strives to create a light, space-friendly look that conceals its functionality and promotes agile working while adjusting to support the posture of its user. It also features environmental considerations to eliminate the causes of chair disposal, namely when backrests get dirty or deteriorate.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/pallo/

■"PERPANEP" German case binding notebook

"PERPANEP" is a notebook series that came about from the awareness that compatibility between paper and writing instruments is an important factor in writing with comfort. This notebook features German case binding for archival books and a choice of three types of paper, each with a unique writing feel, allowing you to enjoy writing on and preserving it.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/perpanep/

■"Liite" casual chair

"Liite" is an office chair that combines a living room-like design with work functionality. With its casual design, the product is void of any mechanical feel and adopts a backrest tilt function together with a cradling shell form designed to support longer-hour use. Another trait is its incorporation of a sustainable design that considers environmental protection.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/liite/

■"HASA" luxury scissors

This is a pair of scissors that honestly pursues a comfortable cutting experience for long-term use. Scissors are tools that consumers can use for decades, so we aimed for simple, long-lasting performance that does not require replacement, rather than designs that prioritize excessive presentation of functions or shapes.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/hasa/

■"n.5" multipurpose space for employees

This is a multipurpose space opened by KOKUYO to support our employees' unique working, learning, and living styles. The space was established in Shimokitazawa, a popular commute area that offers charms absent in our Shinagawa office area. Opening the space on holidays and after work creates free time for employees to utilize for professional and personal endeavors, bolstering autonomous development of individuals, the company, and its business. Plans are in place to expand to multiple locations.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/solution/kokuyo_design_works/projects/detail/988/

■THE CAMPUS HALL "CORE" open communication hall

This is a communication hall for KOKUYO to create sympathy with employees and other stakeholders by disseminating our experimental initiatives and newly created products and solutions. Replacing the traditional hall of a stage and audience seating with a cone-shaped space that allows for seating facing any direction and introducing digital technology makes it possible to realize diverse and highly flexible ways of interactive communication.
Product page: https://the-campus.net/floorguide/thecampushallcore/

■"TSUKUE +" school desk attachment

"TSUKUE +" is an extended tabletop that supports the diversification of learning situations accompanying the digitalization of education and facilitates the realization of a comfortable desk environment for adapting to future learning. By retrofitting it onto existing desks, it can be used to securely place and prevent the fall of tablets, teaching materials, and stationery. This vertical storage design is also designed to accommodate the seated posture of students.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/manabi/products/tsukue_tasu/

■FUJIFILM Creative Village

In May 2023, FUJIFILM opened the FUJIFILM Creative Village in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, as a joint facility for its design studio CLAY and IT development base ITs to accelerate innovation. It was created under the concept of a studio that will remain unfinished, meaning that it will continuously evolve, thereby enabling the creation of innovative new products and services. KOKUYO was responsible for designing the interior of this facility.
Product page: https://www.fujifilm.com/jp/ja/news/list/9406

■"fore moving panel" sound absorbing partition

The movable "fore moving panel" is a high-performance sound absorbing partition series that reduces the sounds of meetings in the open area. The series includes optional whiteboards and display attachments. Users can select functions according to the situation and arrange the layout flexibly.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/foremovingpanel/

■"OSFA" convertible sofa

The pandemic has accelerated changes in working styles, and offices must continue to flexibly respond to changing social environments and work styles. OSFA is a sustainable convertible sofa that can be used for longer life by creating more diverse situations through the ability to reconfigure the backrest and change the seat height according to the situation of use.
Product page: https://www.kokuyo-furniture.co.jp/products/office/osfa/

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GOOD DESIGN AWARD is a comprehensive platform for design evaluation and promotion in Japan. The award succeeded the Good Design Product Selection System, founded in 1957. It is an international design award that garners the participation of numerous companies and groups from Japan and overseas. It is held annually to enrich lives and use designs to solve social issues and themes. The G Mark logo awarded to winning works has become a familiar sign of good design.