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KOKUYODOORS Original Field Yacho Notebook KOKUYODOORS Original Field Notebook

The long-selling Field Notebook released in 1959 which is called "Yacho".It is popular for its slim size that fits in one hand and the hard cover that makes it easy to write while standing. It's a useful memo note for working, traveling, and going out.

The "KOKUYODOORS" original field notebook has an original design with a key color cover of the shop. The foil stamp on the cover, the color of the facing page, and the ruled lines on the page are all special designs.

Price: 550 yen(including tax)

Color: Orange /Navy / White

Ruled line: sketch (3mm grid)
Sizes of Inner paper: H 160 mm * W 91 mm
Pages: 40 pages
Paper quality: High quality paper
External sizes: H165 mm * W 95 mm * D 6 mm