Awards and Accolades

Rankings and Recognitions

Name of recognition Date of announcement Results
Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating April 2021 Low Risk
Toyo Keizai CSR Ranking (Toyo Keizai Inc.) March 2021 Overall ranking: 267th
CDP 2020 December 2020 Climate Change B- (Management) Forests C (Awareness)
MSCI Japan Empowering Women Index (WIN) December 2020 Selected for inclusion in index
2nd Nikkei SDGs Management Survey (Nikkei Inc.) November 2020 Score: 58.4
Grade: 3.5 out of 5
4th Nikkei Smart Work Management Survey (Nikkei Inc.) November 2020 Score: 59.8
Grade: 3.5 out of 5
FTSE ESG Rating 2020 July 2020 2.4(E:2.8 S:1.7 G:2.9)
MSCI ESG Rating 2020 December 2020 AA
SNAM Sustainability Index (Sompo Asset Management) June 2020 Overall score: 167.2 (E:60.6 S:53.3 G:53.3)
S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index June 2020 Decile classification: 9th


CSR-related Awards

Recognition as a 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) and a 2020 Certified Heath & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (Large Enterprise Category)

On March 2, 2020, KOKUYO and Kaunet became two of the 500 companies listed as 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi in the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program. On the same date, KOKUYO Marketing earned a separate accolade under the same program (“Health and productivity Management Outstanding Organization”). The program gives recognition to companies that make exemplary efforts toward a healthy and productive workplace. We will continue such efforts in line with the KOKUYO Health and Productivity Management Declaration released in October 2019.

Yui-no-Mori Project wins “sustainability action” commendation

In November 2020, Yui-no-Mori Project, one of our CSR projects, was awarded by the Ecological Life and Culture Organization. The project earned the organization’s “chairperson prize” in the sustainability action category. The judges were impressed by the fact that the project, in addition to conserving the environment, has an economic ripple effect in that timber produced from thinning is used as raw materials in products.
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Prize being awarded

Yui-no-Mori Project receives philanthropy grand prize at Japan Philanthropic Association’s 18th awards

In December 2020, the Yui-no-Mori Project received the “philanthropy grand prize” from the Japan Philanthropic Association at the association’s 18th annual awards. The Yui-no-Mori Project is a forest conservation project that focuses on forest thinning and making effective use of the resulting timber. Its aim is to help revive manmade forests and restore the link between the natural environment and local livelihoods. The project is a community-based participatory undertaking. For example, employees involved in design or sales team up with local high school students to monitor the thinning outcomes. The judges praised the project for how it aims to create synergy between environmental conservation and local economic activity.
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Prize being awarded

ReEDEN Project earns 2020 Minister of the Environment’s Award for Climate Action

Launched in 2007, the ReEDEN project has for over 10 years contributed to the conservation of reedbeds and served as model for innovative environmental practice. With a view to continuing the good work of the project and demonstrating its outcomes, we worked with government to establish a tool for calculating the extent to which the project is facilitating CO2 absorption in reeds. The tool has been published on Shiga Prefecture’s website. The project received the 2020 Minister of the Environment’s Award for Climate Action in recognition of how it contributes to a low-carbon society.
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Other accolades

Eight products honored in 2020 Good Design Award

Eight of our products were honored in the 2020 Good Design Award. Examples include a set of twin-color marker pens (Mark+), a series of task chairs (Fabre), and a series of lounge chairs (Settle). One of the eight products earned a place in Good Design’s Best 100. The product was Stock Stack, a series of horizontally stackable chairs. Stock Stack represents a new addition to Days Office, our office solutions brand that emphasizes creating comfortable and easily accessible spaces.
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Stock Stack

Good Design Award winner: The Roof—a work lounge for a new apartment complex

Another winner of the Good Design Award 2020 was The Roof, a work lounge for apartment complexes that was designed by Yohak Design Studio (our inhouse design studio) and the Furniture Business Division. One of the very few architectural designs to be awarded prior to construction, The Roof has garnered interest within and outside the industry.

The Roof now stands in the grounds of an apartment complex, Renai Yokohama Totsuka, which itself was completed in in spring 2021. The lounge caters to the work and learning styles of co-working households, whose approach to work has been transformed by the pandemic. It contains a range of spaces, including reserved booths and areas for relaxing and refreshing, and boasts good network access.

* Yohak Design Studio: The design studio of our inhouse creative team. Located in Harajuku, Tokyo, the studio engages in mold-breaking creative projects in Japan and overseas. It also plans ideas for and manages two facilities in the same premises: Think of Things (a shop and café) and TOT STUDIO (a multiuse space).

The Roof

Good Design Award winner: The Roof—a work lounge for a new apartment complex

Shukudai Yaruki Pen, an IoT-powered stationery device that encourages good homework habits, was honored in the 14th Kids Design Award.* The pen was awarded in the category for designs that unlock children’s creativity and future potential. It was commended for its innovative use of IoT to track the student’s homework efforts and link their efforts with praise from parents. The design process was praised too.
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* The Kids Design Award honors products, spaces, undertakings, and research that help solve issues related to children and parenting. To qualify, the item in question must promote child safety, unlock children’s inner sensibilities and creativity, and contribute toward a family-friendly society.

Shukudai Yaruki Pen and the Kids Design Award logo

Shukudai Yaruki Pen honored in Impress DX Awards 2019

Shukudai Yaruki Pen, the IoT-powered homework aid described above, was also honored in the Impress DX Awards 2019.* It won the second prize in the edge computing and devices category. The pen was praised for how it motivates children and encourages them to maintain good study habits. It was also praised for how it can contribute to better parent-child relationships by creating opportunities for parental praise.
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* Hosted by Impress, the Impress DX Awards honor ideas, undertakings, products, and services that break the mold and contribute toward a better future.

Shukudai Yaruki Pen and the Impress DX Awards logo

Shukudai Yaruki Pen honored in Impress DX Awards 2019

Notebook for Black and White Writing—one of the three chosen products

Two types of conference chair win the iF Design Award 2020

Two types of conference chair—Any and All in One—were honored in Germany’s iF Design Award 2020* (Product – Office). The two products were selected from among 7,298 candidates from 56 countries.
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* Started in 1953 in Germany, the iF Design Award is a world-renowned design competition over half a century old.


All in One

KOKUYO office furniture earns five design awards after being exhibited at Orgatec 2018

We exhibited our office furniture products at Orgatec 2018,* a trade fair for office furniture held in Germany in October 2018. Our trade fair stand showcased “ing,” a 360 degree gliding chair. The stand earned five prestigious design awards—four German awards and one Dutch.

The awards were as follows:
1. Frame Award Orgatec (Dutch): Best use of light, trade fair stand of the year
2. iF Design Award (German): Discipline: Interior Architecture
3. German Design Award (German): Excellent Architecture – Fair and Exhibition
4. Red Dot Design Award (German): Brands & Communication Design 2019
5. Iconic Awards (German): Innovative Architecture

Trade fair stand showcasing “ing” chairs

Five inhouse design pieces featured in Graphic Design in Japan

Five design pieces produced by our inhouse designers at Think of Things were featured in Graphic Design in Japan, an annual publication of the Japan Graphic Designers Association—Asia’s largest design organization.

Featured pieces
“KOKUYO Standards by Think of Things @ Morioka Shoten” (combined category), exhibited at Think of Things
Anniversary poster for Think of Things (poster category)
“Rearrangement of Document Boxes” (general graphics category), exhibited at Takeo Co., Ltd.’s “Ki-Hou-Shi Tactile and Visual”
“Opening up a new page in Tokyo” (interactive design category), KOKUYO’s official Tokyo 2020 support webpage
“Opening up a new page in Tokyo” (video category), KOKUYO’s official Tokyo 2020 support video

Double page spread in Graphic Design in Japan showing “KOKUYO Standards by Think of Things @ Morioka Shoten”