Governance: Inculcating Compliance

Basic Concepts

Operations across our group are governed by a range of regulatory standards, including those related to quality, business transactions, environmental impact, labor, health & safety, accounting, and tax. To ensure that we always comply with these regulations and uphold high ethical standards in all our business activities, we have established the KOKUYO Group Code of Conduct, which all employees are expected to follow. By educating employees in these standards and ensuring that they uphold them, we are building a compliance culture.


Whistleblowing hotline
KOKUYO has a group-wide hotline (the KOKUYO Group Hotline). Employees can use the hotline to raise concerns about compliance or business ethics when they feel uncomfortable raising such concerns through the usual channels, or if they doubt that the usual channels would resolve the issue satisfactorily. The hotline is global and accessible to all employees of the global KOKUYO Group, whether they work in Japan or an overseas location.
Compliance training
  • Workshops and e-learning modules on general compliance
  • E-learning modules and discussions on preventing bid-rigging
  • E-learning modules on the construction industry

Initiatives in 2021

Compliance magazine launched to improve risk awareness
In December 2020, we launched a compliance magazine (Konpura-magajin) to promote an accurate understanding of corporate compliance and improve employees’ awareness of the risks around them. The magazine is published monthly on our internal portal site and emailed to employees. Each issue contains illustrated articles about incidents and media stories related to compliance. By raising employees’ risk awareness, the publication serves as a first step for building a workplace in which employees always uphold compliance.