Making things from the perspective of the people who use them.
"Kokuyo Design Award" started from 2002 and has gained the position of an international competition that aims to make commercial products from the entries.
From the award-winning artwork in the past, a total of 14 entries have gone from the contest to the market.
A number of excellent works will also be created in the future.
By making them into products, innovative designs that have never been seen
before will spread across the world.

True Measure

This ruler indicates the position of boundary lines created between two faces lined up a regular intervals, providing a more accurate measurement of length.


A string of beautiful days…

A calendar where numbers are sewn with a single thread. When you pull the thread the numbers gradually unravel and disappear.


Embossed Notebook

The designs on this notebook are expressed solely through embossing instead of printing. You can also feel the movement of the light falling on the pressed ruled lines.


Bubble Liner

This is a ruler with the scale expressed by bubbles.
By incorporating organic bubbles into tools that we use in our everyday lives that are made up of artificial straight lines, we can acquire the beauty of nature in our daily lives.



The inspiration that came from the Japanese cushion.
“Stoop” can be used indoors and outdoors by everyone, enabling them to sit down or gather together anywhere.



It is a rubber band made from silicon using the motif of the decorative Japanese twisted paper bowknot ties (Mizuhiki) that have the meaning of "may it happen many times".


Nameless Paints

Eliminating the stereotypes with respect to colors, these paints give you the enjoyment of painting pictures with free inspiration.

Nameless Paints

Roll Table

Paper rolled around a wood core. The structure serves as a sort of table, providing a stable surface on which to write and draw.

roll table

Other Commercialized Winning Designs (Japanese)