Announcing the Winners of the 2015 KOKUYO Design Award
The Grand Prix was given to one design and the Award for Excellence was given to three designs

OSAKA, Japan, November 18 , 2015 - KOKUYO Co., Ltd., announced that a total of four designs were chosen on November 17 as the winning designs for the 2015 KOKUYO Design Award; a competition designed to attract fascinating product designs from a broad range of users and to commercialize the successful designs, after the screening of a total of 1,659 entries (1,232 entries from Japan and 427 entries from abroad) submitted from home and abroad. (The submissions were accepted from May 15 through July 31, 2015.)

Established to further strengthen our tradition of product creation that originates with the customer, the KOKUYO Design Award first started in 2002, making this year's award the thirteenth time in which the award has been bestowed. (The year 2010 was the only time the award was not held.) The theme of this year's award was "Beautiful Lifestyle" and submissions of stationery and furniture design were sought by inviting the public to submit a product design that creates everyday beauty, inspires with each sight, and delights with each use. We want this kind of designs; not only aesthetically pleasing, but also bringing a bit more beauty into the lives of those who use them. The 2015 KOKUYO Design Award called for these sorts of fresh and uplifting designs which will be used and forever cherished.

The award-winning designs that won the Grand Prix and the Award for Excellence this year are as follows:

The prize-winning designs

Grand Prix (One design)

Design name Generic name Design overview Award winner/Group name
Word Block Vocabulary Cards A flash card deck that neatly stacks like blocks. The ring also functions as a band to hold the deck together. Whether in use or stored on your shelf, this card deck fits perfectly with your sophisticated style. alab

Photo: A Grand Prix-winning design "Word Block"

Award for Excellence (three designs)

Design name Generic name Design overview Award winner/Group name
Hakanaku, utsukushiku Calendar A calendar with all the date numerals sewn from a single length of thread. Pull on the thread at the end of the day to see the date disappear, a reminder of the fleeting nature of time. Mio Ueda
Embossed Notebook Notebooks A solid white notebook featuring embossed lines. To phrase it another way, this is a notebook made solely of light and shadows. Takashi Kubo
Bubble Ruler Rulers This ruler incorporates both artificial and organic elements, as straight edges contrast with natural bubbles. Add some nature and beauty to your everyday life. Kei Tsukada
  • The design names, generic names, design overviews, and award winners/group names are the same as the original texts provided on the applications.
  • The 2015 KOKUYO Design Award


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