Theme for submissions: "NEW STORY"
Holding of the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2017

-The judges are Ryosuke Uehara, Masashi Kawamura, Oki Sato, Yasuhiro Suzuki, and Yoshie Watanabe-

KOKUYO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City; President and CEO: Hidekuni Kuroda), is holding the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2017 which is a competition aiming to gather and commercialize designs from a wide range of users in the general public that are excellent from the perspective of those using them. We will accept submissions of works from June 15 to August 31, 2017.

This is the 15th KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD to be held since it was established in 2002 (the only year it was not held was 2010), and from among the winners so far, such products as "the Kadokeshi", "the Campus Note Paracuruno", "the Wagomu" and "the Nameless Paints" have been created.
Last year (the 14th awards), we received a total of 1,307 entries from 44 countries including Japan, and awareness of the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARDS as an international product design competition is growing.

Since its foundation, KOKUYO has endeavored to support people's "working" and "learning" with a focus on stationery and office furniture. In the face of diversifying customer need and increasingly ambiguous boundaries between work and private life, we have recently added a "living" perspective to the "working" and "learning", and we now offer value that adds delight to both work style and life style.

The theme for KOKUYO DESIGN AWARDS 2017 is "NEW STORY", and we are calling for entries that tell new stories in "working", "learning", and "living" environments. Recent themes, "Beautiful Lifestyle" (2015) and "HOW TO LIVE" (2016) were not only based on beauty from a functional and design perspective, but actually discovered new lifestyles and ways of living through these themes.
In addition to those aspects, this year we hope to receive work that is fresh and powerful enough to establish new genres in this modern world that is overflowing with things.

More information will be released in successive stages on the KOKUYO website and other places.

The main application guidelines for the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2017

1. Theme: NEW STORY

Encountering something new
leads to new conversations,
spreading new ideas,
and bringing new people together.
It's the start of a new life.
What kind of design would pave the way to such a new experience?
It's something that opens new doors and goes on to establish new genres.
We look forward to the new stories you create.

2. Eligible entries: Stationery, furniture, household goods etc.

3. Registration and submission: June 15 (Thu) to August 31 (Thu), 2017.

4. Judges:

Ryosuke Uehara (CEO, Art Director & Creative Director of KIGI)
Masashi Kawamura (CEO & Executive Creative Director of PARTY NY)
Oki Sato (CEO & designer of design office nendo)
Yasuhiro Suzuki (Artist)
Yoshie Watanabe (Art Director & Designer of KIGI)
Akihiro Kuroda (KOKUYO Co., Ltd. Representative Director of the Board, Chairman)

* Listed in Japanese alphabetical order/honorific titles omitted.

5. Prizes:

Grand Prix (one from all entries) ¥2,000,000
Merit Award (three from all entries) ¥500,000 / winner

*Prize money will be paid net of withholding tax, surtax for reconstruction funding, and other applicable deductions.
*Not all prizes may be awarded for all categories if there is no winner selected.

6. Award announcements: January 18, 2018 [tentative]

Detailed information for entry will be available on the KOKUYO website and various social media from June 15.

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