KOKUYO Materiality
-Material Issue 1-
Improve Well-being

Improve Well-being among Employees and External Stakeholders Pitch Ideas for New Ways of Working and Promote Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation

KOKUYO aims to achieve well-being, which means to be happy and healthy, both internally and in society.
We will promote new workstyles aiming to improve well-being internally by creating organizations without barriers in which diverse people, regardless of their gender, disability status, nationality or otherwise, can play an active role in a way that suits them.
We will work with diverse human resources to incorporate inclusive design into our manufacturing. We will then look to improve well-being externally through innovative products that reduce various barriers in society.

重点テーマ 1 Well-Being
Outcome 2030 Challenge Goal 2024 Commitment Goal
Innovation is created, leading to better wellbeing among diverse individuals and communities. Pitch life-based working to society. Ensure the permeation of that idea to increase the number of people living life in their own way. Challenge goals for flexible work options (flextime, empowering women): 27 challenge goals (three challenge goals a year for nine years) Managers who have shifted to mindset that values employees’ disposable time and 100% paid leave and holiday take-up rate among managers and employees
Percentage of women in leadership positions: 12%
We are removing social barriers to encourage more people to engage actively in work and learning. At least 50% of new products (stock-keeping units) have incorporated inclusive design At least 20% of new products incorporating inclusive design

Results with Respect to the Goals in FY2021

  • Paid leave and holiday take-up rate*1: Average of approximately 50% among our five major companies in Japan*2
  • Female manager ratio*1, 3: Average of 7.4% among our five major companies in Japan*2

    *1: This fiscal year, we will disclose data of our five major companies in Japan whose data we currently acquire. *2: KOKUYO Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Logitem Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Supply Logistics Co., Ltd., KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd. and Kaunet Co., Ltd. *3: We will start acquiring data from this fiscal year because our material issue target is the percentage of women in leadership positions.

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Initiatives to Achieve the Goals

Materiality taskforce activity

  • Taskforce for Improving Wellbeing Among Employees

    This taskforce was launched to lead efforts to achieve two commitment goals for FY2024: 100% take-up rate for paid leave among managers and general staff, and women accounting for 12% of leadership roles. The taskforce will ascertain the current situation, identify issues, and determine the order of priority. At the same time, it will execute actions for mitigating unconscious biases.

  • Taskforce for Improving Wellbeing Among External Stakeholders

    This taskforce was launched to lead efforts to achieve a commitment goal for FY2024: At least 20% of new products incorporating inclusive design. The taskforce will develop a strategy for incorporating inclusive designs into product development so that our products contribute to a barrier-free society in which people can find greater fulfilment in work, daily life, and in study.

Pitch ideas for new ways of working

In April 2021, the Shinagawa office was reborn as The Campus, a space for open innovation in workstyles and lifestyles. THE CAMPUS is open to the community and serves as an experimental place where diverse values are mixed together - a melting pot of ideas that keeps producing new chemical reactions. In January 2022, we prepared guidelines for transitioning to “Kokuyo-style hybrid work,” a new approach to work for the post-Covid world, as part of an effort to promote life-based working, which emphasizes individuality in workstyles, learning styles, and lifestyles.

Recruitment site > Mechanism to accelerate growth:https://recruit.kokuyo.co.jp/environment/training/

Sustainability site > Human resources management:https://kokuyo.com/sustainability/society/hr/

The workstyle guidelines for the period of the 3rd medium-term plan.

Promote Diversity, Inclusion and Innovation

To encourage further inclusion of employees of KOKUYO K Heart (a special subsidiary, i.e., a disability-friendly employer) while also promoting better wellbeing in society, we used the renovation of the head office as an opportunity to invite KOKUYO K Heart’s employees to tour the premises and discussed issues related to inclusion.

In an example of joint value creation, Hartland (another special subsidiary) and salad chain High Five Salad developed and marketed a collaborative menu item.

We will continue promoting inclusion of diverse employees and engage in joint value creation for a barrier-free society in line with our concept of diversity, inclusion, and innovation.


Sustainability site > Human resources management::https://kokuyo.com/sustainability/society/hr/