KOKUYO Sustainability KOKUYO The 5 Materialities - Our five most important issues

Going Further toward the “Forest-Like Management Model”

We have set KPIs for our new set of material issues guided by our vision for 2030. There are two types of goals: challenge goals and commitment goals. Challenge goals are ambitious goals for 2030. Commitment goals are targets for 2024, the endpoint of our medium-term plan.

Material issue:

  • Improve wellbeing
  • Transition to a management system that creates social value
  • Respond to the climate crisis
  • Contribute toward a circular economy
  • Contribute toward a society that coexists with nature

Material issues (materiality)


Improve Wellbeing among
Employees and External Stakeholders

Innovation is created,
leading to better wellbeing
among diverse individuals
and communities.

Expand Business Fields through
the Forest-Like
Management Model

Through organization-wide collaboration,
we contribute positively to the environment and society, increase organizational empathy,
and lead the way in addressing social issues.

Safeguard the Planet as
a Place for Work and Life

  • Our collaboration with partners contributes toward carbon neutrality throughout our supply chains.
  • Our collaboration with partners and customers leads the way toward a zero-waste society by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • We safeguard the planet by balancing business activities with natural capital.