KOKUYO Materiality
-Material issue 2-
Transition to a Management System That Creates Social Value

Expand Business Fields through the Forest-Type Management Model Transition to a Management System That Creates Social Value

Over the years, we’ve offered solutions for new ways of working, learning, and living through a process of first-hand experimentation in which we design experiences for customers through products and services.
Amid today’s mounting environmental and social issues, many people are unsure of how to take the next step. We want to transform management systems to lead the way to a sustainable future with the support of all employees and businesses. As more partners and customers engage with us, the circle of empathy will expand, sparking more innovation and solve more social issues.

-Material issue 2- Transition to a Management System That Creates Social Value
Outcome 2030 Challenge Goal 2024 Commitment Goal
Organization-wide collaboration contributes positively to the environment and society, increasing organizational empathy and leading the way in addressing social issues. Our new and existing businesses are addressing the problems society faces. 100% of sales have balanced social value and economic value 30 future Mirai Yokoku experiments
Our employees make the world a better place in many ways. 100% of employees are addressing social issues 100% participation in sustainability initiatives

Initiatives to Achieve Goals

Strengthening Group Management Framework

We strengthened the group management framework to better enable us to engage in strategic planning for the medium and long term and run a strategic PDCA cycle.
We established the PDCA Committee to provide an opportunity for the executive officers to fully discuss a vision and strategy for the medium and long term. In this committee, the members determine business and operational strategies in which we translate our vision into concrete actions for balancing economic and social value over the medium and long term.

Internal Sustainability Communication

  • Sustainability Academy

    As part of our transition to sustainable business, we hold regular webinars to improve the awareness and motivation of management and staff. The webinars involve talks sessions with the management and eternal experts. These sessions encourage management and staff to engage together in addressing the same issues. Two webinars have been held so far, with a total of nearly 300 people applying to attend. Both webinars created a big impact. For example, on the day after, executives called on their business divisions launch a taskforce to consider ways of contributing to the SDGs.

  • 3C News

    To encourage a personal interest in sustainability, we publish 3C News, an email newsletter containing SDG-related news relevant to the three C’s: the Company (KOKUYO’s sustainability actions), the Competition (our competitors’ sustainability actions), and the Customers (what customers expect from us). In FY2021, the newsletter was mainly circulated among the management. In FY2022, we decided to reach a wider audience and started sending the newsletter to employees who expressed an interest.

Internal Sustainability Communication

Collaboration with Kamiyama Marugoto Technical College (Tentative Name)

Through a partnership agreement, we plan to endow a prospective private technical college that will explore with us new ways of learning. The college, tentatively named Kamiyama Marugoto, will be opened in Kamiyama, Tokushima, in April 2023.
By endowing Kamiyama Marugoto and working with the college to explore new ways of learning, we will provide opportunities to directly experience social issues such as the task of regenerating regional communities. This will create opportunities for KOKUYO’s employees to take on the challenge of creating economic value by solving social issues. That in turn will lead to the creation of entrepreneurship and business expansion in the field of learning.

Kamiyama Marugoto Technical College held Mirai no Gakko FES in THE CAMPUS in our Shinagawa Office in March 2022. KOKUYO provided the venue for this event. In addition, approximately 50 of our employees participated in it. They provided contents to allow first to third grade junior high schoolers and their parents to experience learning of the future.

Press release: https://www.kokuyo.co.jp/newsroom/news/category/20211105CS.html

Collaboration with Kamiyama Marugoto Technical College (Tentative Name)

Co-hosting the Pass-the-Baton Market

Pass-the-Baton Market is flea market that features dead stock (unsold inventory gathering dust in storage) and rejects (products that didn’t meet certain standards or specifications) of companies that have lost their place due to disruption of sales channels, prompting visitors to consider an alternative consumer behavior. This purpose resonated with us, so we co-host the event at The Campus. In KOKUYO’s exhibition area, we sold limited edited stationery which had lost the opportunity to be sold and items with unique defects collected following a call for such products to various departments in the company. We also held a workshop to upcycle materials produced in manufacturing processes and offices.

We will increase the number of challenges undertaken by our employees and businesses confronting sustainability as their own issue by periodically holding PASS THE BATON MARKET in THE CAMPUS. These challenges include rolling out products from the perspective of sustainability and conducting initiative experiments.

Co-hosting the Pass-the-Baton Market