Business Domains

Spatial Value

We will design and propose spaces with an emphasis on improving work environment of working people to accommodate changes in work styles.

We will face the needs arising from increasingly diversifying work styles, and conduct businesses that include objects and actions, as well as services to improve future work styles and working peopleʼs ways of life. We will propose spaces that can make our customers’ work, learning, and living more creative and comfortable.

Manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of furniture, and spatial design and construction for offices, medical institutions, educational institutions, and public offices and agencies; work style consulting; manufacturing, importing, and sales of interior and furniture (ACTUS*), etc.

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Business Supplies Domain

We plan to “deliver” solutions from stationery to office furniture to offer comfort of “using” solutions.

KOKUYO is unique in its capability to deliver a comprehensive range of stationery and office furniture and supplies. We provide support to improve the efficiency of the management of office supplies at customers and sales order operations at retailers. We provide services to allow customers to use our tools without stress.

Kaunet*,” which sells office products to individual and corporate customers; “KiSPA*,” a web order system for stationery shops; proposal and support system for stationery and office supplies purchase system for offices

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Global Stationery Domain

We provide stationery that fosters creativity in our customersʼ work, learning, and living both in Japan and overseas.

Stationery inspires the creativity of its users. We deliver stationery that enhances our customers’ work, learning, and living, thereby conducting businesses that provide services through objects. We work to meet diversifying needs of customers through manufacturing and sales of stationery in Japan and overseas as well as other businesses.

Manufacture and sale of stationery within Japan and overseas, such as in Shiga (JAPAN), Tottori (JAPAN), China, and India; development and sale of creative picture book series* and tools for creativity; document digitization service @Tovas*, etc.

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