KOKUYO's furniture business is involved in the production and sale of office furniture and furniture for public spaces, as well as the configuration of various kinds of public and commercial spaces. Together with our customers, we create "spatial values". While providing a full spectrum of services to ensure the successful completion of every project, from initial site status surveys, to development of special designs that fully reflect corporate strategy, work flows, and the distinctive features of each facility.
Since 2003, KOKUYO started to carry out full-scale operations in China. In 2011, we consolidated all of our office furniture marketing, product planning, development, sales, and distribution operations into KOKUYO Furniture Commerce and Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in order to focus on Chinese domestic demand. Additionally in 2014, the company name was changed to KOKUYO Furniture (China) Co., Ltd., and our target area for business was expanded from the metropolitan area in Shanghai to cover the entire country. This effort to use our line of highly competitive products to expand from Japan to new markets in Asia represents a promising new challenge for the company.

Business Categories

1. Space Design

We support more than 1,000 spatial design projects a year, including offices, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, and cultural facilities.

2. Furniture Products

Using physical, psychological, and aesthetic resolutions to problems that we see by focusing on users, we realize designs that are both easy to use and beautiful.

3. Showrooms / Live offices

Please experience the new work style created from actual practice.

Space Categories

1. Office Space Configuration

We specialize in the creation of office spaces designed to increase the intellectual productivity and creativity of office workers, and to facilitate the transition to more innovative ways of working in the office environment.

Project for NISSAN DESIGN Center
Beijing, China.

Relocation Project for RICOH UK Ltd Sales Office & Showroom
London, England.

Relocation Project for Air Liquid Japan Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan.

2. Government offices and Public facilities

KOKUYO provides a wide range of design and hardware solutions to help public officials create optimal environments for a variety of public and community spaces.

Project for NEZU MUSEUM
Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan.

Project for International Stadium Yokohama

Project for TOYOTA Stadium

Project for Oita Stadium

3. Educational facilities

KOKUYO has many years of experience and know-how in the field of spatial design at educational and research facilities. We specialize in the configuration of spaces for learning that facilitate study and research for educators, students and children.

Project for The University of Tokyo Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies.
Tokyo, Japan.

4. Medical facilities

KOKUYO offers design solutions to improve functionality and create a safer and more comfortable working environment for the various people who work at medical facilities.

Kitasato University Oriental Medicine Research Center
Tokyo, Japan.

Ureshino Onsen Hospital
Saga, Japan.

5. Retail stores and Commercial spaces

KOKUYO has many years of experience supporting the work of stationery shops throughout Japan, and designing retail spaces for mass merchandise outlets and individual stores. Utilizing this know-how, we are able to provide a full range of services, from development of an appropriate initial business model, to store design and construction, sales promotion, and facility management.

Project for Muji Times Square
Seoul, Korea.

6. Hotels

Hotels must create spaces where people can spend a very pleasant time working, gathering, relaxing, and resting. KOKUYO helps to meet these needs by providing comprehensive, integrated support not only for hotel planning and design, but also for operational management.

Project for Hotel Anteroom
Kyoto, Japan.

Hotel Anteroom(外部サイトへのリンク)

Project for Hotel Kanra
Kyoto, Japan.

Hotel Kanra(外部サイトへのリンク)

Global Expansion

Shanghai Showroom


As a base for the KOKUYO brand and to strengthen sales, the Shanghai showroom was opened at People’s Square, the center of Shanghai. The Shanghai showroom not only displays products but also contains a live office for the sales and product development teams, and a seminar space for sending information about office -space design.

Singapore Showroom & Live Office


The Singapore showroom and office epitomizes the basic concept of People + Design for office furniture products for Asia and other countries. The showroom will increase KOKUYO brand recognition among global companies, local companies, and design offices and promote the strengths of the company.

Affiliated companies

  • KOKUYO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Logitem Co., Ltd.
  • Wilkhahn Japan Co., Ltd.
  • CW Facility Solution Inc.
  • KOKUYO Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
  • KOKUYO Furniture (China) Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO Design Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO International Asia Co., Ltd.
  • KOKUYO International (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • KOKUYO International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.