Regarding shared use of personal information

Customers’ personal information is used by sharing throughout the KOKUYO Group as outlined below.

Companies making shared use (the companies listed below)

KOKUYO Marketing Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Hokkaido Sales Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Tohoku Sales Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO KitaKanto Sales Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Hokuriku-Niigata Sales Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Tokai Sales Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Sanyo-Shikoku Sales Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Product Shiga Co., Ltd.
IWAMI Paper Industry Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Supply Logistics Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO K Heart Co., Ltd.
Hartland Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Finance Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO & Partners Co., Ltd.
CW Facility Solution Inc.
Wilkhahn Japan Co., Ltd.
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

Purposes of use

To engage in the following activities in the stationery business, business supplies business, office furniture business, spatial design and consultation business, and other business conducted by the KOKUYO Group. (* Refer to the websites of KOKUYO Co., Ltd. and KOKUYO Group companies for information regarding the specified details of the KOKUYO Group’s business activities.)

  • To provide products/services handled by KOKUYO Group
  • To perform contracts entered into with KOKUYO Group
  • To give notifications relating to products/services handled by KOKUYO Group or guidance regarding related services, and to make requests such as product monitoring and questionnaire surveys
  • To give guidance regarding fairs/events, etc. held by (organized/jointly sponsored/supported by) KOKUYO Group
  • To analyze purchasing histories, browsing histories, behavior histories, and other information acquired for the purpose of developing and advertising new products, services, and so on
  • To respond to inquiries, requests for materials and other demands, etc.
  • For other purposes previously agreed to

Personal information items subject to shared use

  • Customer’s name, company name and affiliation/position, customer’s address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, product purchase history, etc.

Part responsible for management of personal information

  • KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
    6-1-1 Oimazatominami, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi 537-8686
    Representative Director of the Board,President and CEO
    Hidekuni Kuroda

Last updated  APR 1, 2022