Employee Safety

Social: Employee Safety

Basic Concepts

KOKUYO believes that creation of a safe, secure and pleasant working environment, safety measures in times of disaster and other measures are the foundations for employees to work vigorously and demonstrate their full abilities. Therefore, the KOKUYO Group Central Safety Health Committee—which has the function of overseeing safety and health within the KOKUYO Group—takes the lead to link the health and safety committees of our offices to establish mechanisms and systems while actively exchanging opinions with our employees.

KOKUYO Group Safety and Health Basic Policy

[Basic Policy]
We take a safety-first approach on the belief that the cornerstone of all our business is the mental and physical wellness of every employee.

[Code of conduct]
1. Comply with all relevant laws and regulations (such as the Industrial Safety and Health Law) as well as internal guidelines and standards.

2. Encourage continuous and autonomous workplace improvement, and strive to prevent occupational accidents and health problems.

3. To ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in the Group’s business, we promote the creation of a transparent culture in which everyone participates.


Health and safety Conferences in production and construction sites

The first week of every July is National Safety Week, a week for the entire country to reaffirm the importance of occupational safety*. For this week, we organize health-and-safety conferences to enhance safety-consciousness across the corporate group.
For the 2021 event, anti-infection measures were taken.

* Run by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Japan Industrial Safety & Health Association, National Safety Week is a campaign that calls upon employers to take voluntary actions to prevent workplace injuries. It also aims to raise awareness about health and safety and entrench workplace safety.

Construction: KOKUYO Group Construction safety conferences
The KOKUYO Construction Industry Health and Safety Promotion Committee holds KOKUYO Group construction industry health-and-safety conferences in seven venues across Japan. We do this under the belief that the foundations which support the growth of companies are the health and safety of employees and associates. Just as we did in FY2020, we again held the safety conferences online in FY2021. We reported on the activities of the Construction Industry Health and Safety Promotion Committee and gave awards to our partners.

Factories: KOKUYO Group Health-and-safety conferences and safety patrols in Japanese production sites
We hold safety conferences and conduct safety patrols at seven bases in five plants in Japan. There were again explanations about occupational accident data and safety initiatives and themed training at the safety conferences in FY2021 as there are every year. We were able to hold these conferences by taking measures such as devising ways to avoid the Three Cs (crowded places, close contact settings and closed spaces) in each plant.

We will also continue to provide opportunities to take a pause and think about safety once a year at each site over our entire group in the future. We will do that to connect a culture that protects safety with the future.

Development: Safety conferences and safety patrols in development
With participation by workshops which develop KOKUYO products and inspect quality, we hold a safety conference and conduct a safety patrol at the KOKUYO Head Office. However, we held these in a hybrid format both in-person and online to avoid the Three Cs (crowded places, close contact settings and closed spaces) in FY2021. This safety conference is a forum to once again inform employees about occupational accident prevention and to confirm with them what needs to be done prevent such accidents. We do that because machinery and equipment and many chemical substances are also often handled at development sites. We utilized the advantage of holding the safety convention in a hybrid format this time to allow employees working from home and employees of Tokyo Shinagawa to also participate.

Initiatives in 2021

Meetings for Plants in the KOKUYO Group to Exchange Opinions in 2021

We held meetings for plants to exchange opinions organized by the KOKUYO Group Central Safety Health Committee from September to December. These meetings featured exchanges of opinions about daily safety and health activities and future issues in each company with plant managers and safety personnel from each plant in our group in Japan and overseas. We proactively exchanged opinions aiming to widen the circle of safety and health in our group that transcends industrial sectors.

The KOKUYO Group believes the health and safety of our employees are the foundations that support the growth of our company. Based on that idea, we are aiming to maintain the health and safety of employees through such activities to build an environment and culture where they can work with enthusiasm.

Rebuilding of a Structure to Understand Information on the Enactment and Amendment of Relevant Laws/Ordinances in a Timely Manner

We have rebuilt a structure to smoothly share information on the laws/regulations and amendments, including ministerial ordinances, required in each place and to disseminate that information to those on the frontline. Our Legal Department and each business work with each other to gather and disseminate information on the enactment and revision of relevant domestic laws/ordinances, something previously done by each business department, to achieve that.