Customers Dialogue with Our Customers

Basic Concepts

We handle all customer inquiries thoroughly and sincerely. In addition, we take feedback as valuable opinions for improving KOKUYO’s products and services, and make effort to share them across the entire company.


A System for Utilizing Feedback from Customers

Our Customer Support Center handles more than 200 inquires a day. We log the feedback onto an internal database called VoiceDB. The feedback is then be shared throughout the organization (after removing all personally identifiable data), allowing employees to identify ways to improve products and services at the planning and development stages. Every week, we use Slack, a business communication tool, to share the top picks from among the customer comments—both positive feedback and issues. This practice leads to improvements in products and services.

【Product Improvement Example: Paper Cutter (Rotary Type)】
Paper cutters (rotary types) require a tooth rest to catch cutter teeth when cutting paper. However, many customers were forgetting to put it in, so they continued to be troubled by the fact their paper was not being cut as a result. We shared this information with development who took this concern of our customers seriously. As a result, we printed a warning to “please set the tooth rest” on the main unit of four new products. That led to an improvement in the prevention of erroneous use. Although a small improvement, we believe it has led to many customers being able to use our products without hesitation. We will continue to evolve as the forefront of customer communication to be able to solve our customer’s troubles in the future.

We were able to greatly improve convenience for our customers with just a small improvement.

Initiatives in 2022

Revamped inquiry webpage

The Customer Support Center revamped the inquiry webpage on our corporate website. The new webpage design makes it easier for customers to identify the problem. We keep making improvements to the frequently asked questions section, enabling customers to resolve the issue themselves in many cases. We will keep monitoring customer inquiries and providing customers useful information in a timely fashion.