Social Respect for Human Rights

We have a code, policy, and guidelines to ensure that our stakeholders’ human rights are always respected in the course of our business activities.

KOKUYO Group Code of Conduct

After we started expanding globally, it became apparent that we needed to define a set of common behavioral standards while giving leeway to local differences, such as cultural differences, differences in values, and differences in legal interpretations. We therefore established the KOKUYO Group Code of Conduct in August 2012 along with accompanying handbooks containing locally relevant guidance, taking into account the customs and the legal and regulatory landscape of the territory in question.

Defining the expectations for our board members and employees helps ensure that we always conform with legal and regulatory requirements and with societal norms, which is essential in our endeavor to expand our business fields and develop new business ideas.

KOKUYO Group’s value system

Key actions

Supply chain action

Rapid economic globalization has given rise to colossal multinationals. Many are extending their supply chains into developing economies in an effort to drive down costs. This trend has exacerbated socioenvironmental issues. Examples include human rights issues such as forced labor and child labor, widening inequality, and environmental degradation. Along with our supply-chain partners, we are determined to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by creating positive socioeconomic impacts.

Supply chain management

Personal information protection

We have established the Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Employee health and safety

Rectification, redress

Whistleblowing hotline

We have a group-wide hotline (the KOKUYO Group Hotline). Employees can use the hotline to raise concerns about compliance or business ethics when they feel uncomfortable raising such concerns through the usual channels, or if they doubt that the usual channels would resolve the issue satisfactorily. The hotline is global and accessible to all employees of the global KOKUYO Group, whether they work in Japan or an overseas location.

Whistleblowing hotline: the KOKUYO Group Hotline